Lots to say Saturday

so i’m having a good weekend. yesterday was quiet. i did absolutely nothing. i basically just chilled out for most of last night. its nice to just do that sometimes. get into your pj’s and watch tv. unfortunately because i’m on this diet i didnt snack on junk food but thats cool. i dont feel like i am missing out. this morning my PA came over. she was late because her alarm didnt go off so she slept in late. she was only about 20 minutes late though and she made up the time. i had to laugh because when she arrived i started teasing her telling her she must have sped up the road to make it to my house in such a quick time frame. she did some cleaning while i ate breakfast. then at 10 AM I had to go get my lip and eyebrows waxed. that went well and the girl who did them was talkative and so the time went by quickly. when the girl who does them talks to me it seems less painful and i dont feel the waxing so much. the waxing was half price today which was nice too. when i got done i booked an appointment for next saturday morning to get my nails done. i am going to get the shillax on my nails, which is a kinda nail polish that they put over your own nails. they have all sorta colors and i think i plan on either getting a pink or purple color. after we got done in the beauticians we went to the butchers. i got some steaks and some lamb chops. then we went to the grocery store. i didnt have to buy much this week. still though even though i didnt buy that much i managed to spend the best part of 50 euro on food. i wanted to buy sugar free jello but they didnt have it, they must have been out of it because i couldnt find it anywhere. in the end i ended up buying jello already made up which was only 10 calories per serving but it was very expensive. i got myself a fruit salad for lunch and a turkey and cheese rap. we came back to my house and my PA did my ironing and washed dishes and then we ate lunch together. We were playing with Nitro and taking pictures of him which I posted to facebook. My PA tried to get a picture of herself with him but he wouldnt cooperate for her, he just kept moving around and was acting all goofy so in the end she had to settle for just a picture of him by himself. at 1 PM she dropped me to my parents house. i am staying here tonight and having dinner here tomorrow. i always well almost always have dinner at my parents on sundays. also tomorrow i have to help my sister with her college work. she wants me to type stuff out for her. i plan on having another chilled out evening tonight, just watching some tv with my parents and reading my books. i am currently reading two books right now, the girl without a voice by Casey watson and run mummy run by cathy glass. Cathy glass is having a new book coming out this week so once i finish run mummy run I’ll start reading her new book which is called the silent cry.
What is everyone else doing for the weekend? Do you have any plans?