Mary. L. Trump interview

I saw an interview last friday on our local tv with Mary L. Trump. It was really good. I was glued to it because I found it to be so fascinating.
I have read marys book, which is really good if you havent read it I highly recommend it. The book is called, too much and never enough.
It chronicles what life was like growing up inside the trump family. Mary doesnt like Donald trump at all, she said in her interview last week that he was obnoxious.
And I agree!
Well, I think he is, but I know some people dont!
I know some people do actually like him!
Anyway the book is good, I found Mary to be interesting, she’s a psychologist by profession, and when she spoke about Donald trump she said he’s like a lost little boy, his grandfather abused him and turned him into an arogant, self centered human being, even last night, I was watching a documentary about Jeffry epsteine, and they said he was good friends with trump, and trump was denying it, but then they showed statements where trump was with epstein and they were at a party and looked to be all buddy buddy with one another.
He lies, a lot, lies to save his own skin.
anyhow, go read her book, it is a fascinating read!