Book review: Light and shade, serious and not so serious poems, by Kevin Morris

I just finished a wonderful poetry book, it was gifted to me by Kevin Morris, who is the author, in exchange for an honest review.

This book is great. I read it in one sitting.

In this book, You will find a variety of poems, both serious and not so serious and I cant make up my mind which ones I love more. They are all fab!

I especially loved his humour section, he writes really great limericks, they are so funny, and I laughed a lot while reading them.

He also has a section in the book on love and nature, and I really felt like I was along for the ride when reading the poetry about nature, its so vivid, and the imagery is awesome.

I’d like to thank kevin for his book, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and could really escape into the poetry, and, also, it read perfectly for me on my voice dream reader app on my IPhone, and so Kevin, now you know that for a blind person using an IPhone with the voice dream reader app, a word doc, or epub or pdf file, they all read fine with that app.

Once again, thank you kindly Kevin!

To contact kevin and get his books, visit

Or you can email him also his email address is on his website!