Book review: Bleak alley, stories from the margins, by Shane Dunphy

So this book by Shane Dunphy was really good!
Shane dunphy is a social worker, or he was. He’s now a journalist, I think he got burn out so he quit being a child protection worker. He lives in ireland, in the south east of ireland.
He has written a lot of books, but there are only two on audible at present. This one, bleak alley, is his latest book. Its superb!
Its six hours in length!
It tells the story of Mikey, who lives in black alley, which is nicknamed bleak alley. Mikey had a bad upbringing, and has gotten involved in a gang. Shane tries to work with Mikey and get him to see that being in a gang isnt the only way.
Mikeys mother is schizophrenic, and his dad is an alcoholic and regulary beats both Mikey and his mother.
There are many twists and turns in the book, I wont spoil the story, but it is well worth a look, if you enjoy true stories, and authors like cathy glass, maggie hartley, casey watson etc.
Plus another thing that makes shane’s book special is that he reads his own book. I love when authors do that. It really brings a personal touch to the story knowing he’s reading it.
He’s a great reader too!
I hope if you check out the book that you enjoy it as much as I did! Its on audible, in paperback and on kindle.