A hard night for us

Its a hard night for us. Tonight is the summer solstace, well today was. The night is always tough on us. The date is a hard one as a lot happened to us in the boarding school on this day. We got through today ok, but now that its gone 9 PM we’re starting to struggle. Some insiders feel sad, triggered, and are having flashbacks, I’m trying to keep us all safe.
My anxiety is very bad, so I’m going to take a xanax tonight. I am doubtful we’ll sleep. We are too wound up.
I am going to call my friend sarah, we’ll facetime and I’ll be distracted, and hopefully will calm down a little.
Thank goodness I see Dr. Barry tomorrow.
I think I’m also going to read for a while. Focusing on my book will also distract me and keep me busy.
I hate all of the memories.

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