Worrying about my weight

I am a bit worried about going to slimming world this week. I weighed myself and it says I havent lost anything. I know all scales arent the same though. I know I probably shouldnt weigh myself at home. I should probably only do it at slimming world. I cant resist though. I just do it to make sure I am on the right track. I did have a couple of days this week of bad eating, or where I wasnt too mindful of what I was doing or putting in my mouth. I hate going and then not losing. It makes me feel so bad. I want to lose, even if I only lose 1 pound, or a half a pound. That will do. So if I go this week and I am down anything, I’ll be thrilled, I’m not expecting a big loss this week, if anything I will expect a tiny loss. I’ll be happy if I have any loss at all. I need to try to get more exercise in. I havent been too good about that either this week. I have until wednesday, as I dont go until wednesday evening. So tomorrow and wednesday I will be more mindful of what I am doing. I will eat healthier and drink lots of water. And hope for the best when I do go to slimming world on wednesday night

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Winning at weight loss!

I went to slimming world tonight. I had a pretty good week, so I was hopeful I’d be down. And I was! I was down 1.5 pounds tonight. I was happy with that result. I am going in the right direction, I am back on track. Thats all I wanted is to be back losing weight again. I now weigh 14 stone 4 pounds, or 200 pounds for my US readers. I still have another 4.5 pounds to lose that I gained over christmas, but overall I am doing ok. I am happy. I can do this. I will lose that extra bit of weight. As long as I’m headed in the right direction, thats really great. I am very pleased. I downloaded the slimming world app on to my phone, as I hadnt ever used it before. I am going to track some things on it, use the tools that are available to me, I might as well, since my membership gives me a lot of access to tools, recipes, a BMI calculator etc. Might as well make use of them. Next week my goal is to lose 3 pounds. I hope I can do it. I’m feeling like I can. I’m feeling pretty positive about it.

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Its that time…weigh in time!

Another week, another weigh in!

Its time to hop on the scales!
I hope I did good this week! I really, really hope so!
I was pretty good, I did all the right things, I ate good, I exercised, I was mindful of what I put in my mouth! So we’ll see I guess.

Fingers crossed!
Wish me luck tonight guys!

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Time to be weighed in!

Well its that time! Time to go get weighed in!
Man I hope that I havent gained too much weight over christmas! Fingers crossed!
I am so nervous! Wish me luck guys! I really hoep this goes well!

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I know I’m going to be up!

I am so nervous to go back to slimming world on Wednesday! I know I am going to be up! I just know it!

I tried to weigh myself yesterday on my own scales, but the batteries ran out on them, don’t know whether that was a good or bad thing, but it meant I wasn’t able to weigh myself. Probably for the best since I am kinda obsessed right now about it!

I have eaten a lot of junk over the holidays, but haven’t we all? I don’t mind if I am up a little, but I’m afraid I’ll be up like 7 pounds or more! If I am I’ll cry! I cant handle that!

If I am up 2 or 3 pounds I wont be too bothered, as I can lose that within a week again!

I seriously am nervous though about going back in! In my support group on facebook, the one all of our members are in, one of them wrote that she was up 3 pounds, at weigh in. I was like, if that’s me I’ll be happy!

There was a weigh and go group last Friday, but I didn’t go, I figured I’d wait until the 2nd, to go! So I am hopeful, fingers crossed ya’ll that it is not bad news, or if it is, that its not a lot of weight I am up!

Meanwhile, I have stopped eating junk food! I am now being more mindful of what I put in my mouth! And more careful and I am making better food choices too!

Wish me luck for a good or kinda good, result!

Weight loss progress updates email group

I am sending this to you to let you know I created a new email list to tell my friends about my weight loss progress, send updates, to everyone at once.
I was hoping you might like to join it. It would be an announcement only list, meaning there would be very little email, one or two updates a week max.
You could reply to my messages, but the replies to them will only go to me, and not the entire group.
If you’d like to recieve updates, send a blank email to

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Weight loss update for this week

So I went to slimming world last night. I was down 1 pound this week! I wasnt sure I’d be down at all this week. So it was a real bonus that I was!
I’ll take a pound! Being down any amount at all is nice!
I’m now down a total of 2 stone 8.5 pounds! Or 36.5 pounds! I’m not sure how christmas will go, I might put up a few pounds, not sure if I will, but probably well its a possibility! But I dont mind if I do! I’m not worried! I can lose it again if I do!
Anyway, thats the update!