Not a good wresult this week

so I had a pretty horrendous result on the scales tonight. I was up 1.5 pounds. Dont know how! I did everything right this week! I cant think why I am up! But I am! Unfortunately! I keep losing and regaining the same 1.5 pounds over the last 3 weeks! Its so irritating! I just want to get past this and start losing again. That sure would be nice if I did! I will have to take out my slimming world books and go through them. I am also going to go to iceland which is a local store here that stocks the slimming world frozen meals. I am also going to increase my water intake. I’ve been a little lax about it lately. So yeah with all that hoping I will start losing again and next week I will hopefully have a better result on the scales!


Just home from slimming world. I had a successful week this week weight loss wise. I was down half a pound, its not a huge amount, but its better than nothing, and I am going in the right direction, so I am happy. I got a few tips from my consultant to boost my weight loss for next week. Basically she told me to eat more speed foods, that’s fruits and vegetables, and fill up on protein as well. We actually spent the time in group tonight going through our books. We do this every couple of months as a sort of refresher course for all of us. I find it really good to do it. So another half a pound down now, I am nw down a total of 2 stone 3.5 pounds, or 31.5 pounds for my US readers. I have lost that much since febuary of this year. And I feel really great. Life is good. I feel good about myself again.

I’d like to fly away, poem from emily

i’d like to leave my body
and quickly fly away
i’d like to be thinner
what more can i say

i’d like to shed the pounds
that hold me to the ground
i’d float and fly to someplace far
and never again be found

if only weight was as simple
as counting down from ten
then i would do it in a heartbeat
i would be quite thin

the stress and struggle i go through
i can’t accept my own body size
i don’t think the more pounds you have
the more you win the prize

i’d like to fly up to heaven
and ask our maker why
but i guess to do that
i’d really have to die

but i want an answer true
why do i have to be this way
a thin girl trapped in a fat body
and i seem to be here to stay

what did i do in a former life
did i make fun of the fat
now i’m doomed to live this life
i suppose that is that

from a childhood of malnourishment
to an over 200 pound adult now
something went wrong somewhere
what was it and how

i’d like to fly away
the weight lifted off of me
i want to sprout wings
if only i had the key

i struggle daily with this burden
it’s too hard to look at food
i can’t put it in my face
i’m just not in the mood

i know its not going to make me thin
i don’t know why i try
i only know that it never works
and just makes me want to cry

how come i can’t be normal
average is all i’m asking for
i’m pleading at the gates
just average, no more

i’d settle for 10 stone
even though 9 would be fine
either number seems out of reach
neither can be mine

i’d like to fly away sometime
be lifted to the sky above
i’d like to discover one little thing
that thing is self love

Emily, age 12

A small gain this week

Ok guys. This week wasn’t looking too good for me on the scales. But oh well. Sometimes you have weeks like that, and I did do one or two bad things this week, so it was kinda to be expected.

I’m ok with it. I can do better next week.

I made this short little video just now. Here it is if your interested in watching it. It tells how much I gained this week in it.

Good news. Tonights weight loss result

Well guys, I have good news!

Tonight I smashed it! I had a fabulous result on the scales.

I lost 2.5 pounds! I am so thrilled!

I’m now down a total of 2 stone 3 and a half pounds, and for my US readers that is 31.5 pounds I am down!

What a week! Am beyond thrilled!

carol anne