Results of my bllod tests!

I called my GP’s surgery for my results of my blood tests this afternoon. I didnt get very far.
The nurse gave me a few of the results, but she said I needed to come in for a diabetic review.
I will be going in on December 9th!
She did tell me that my sugars are up a little and my cholesterol is a little high.
Thats all she told me though.
I really dont know how this is possible since I am losing weight. I know the A1C is for the last 3 months.
Its a bit frustrating. My mom said she’d take me in there on the 9th.
Until then, its a waiting game!

Irritation at the doctors

So I had an apt this morning at my gp’s surgery to get my bloods taken. A nurse I didnt know was doing the bloods. She’s new to the practice. She said I had to have a diabetic review. I was like what? But I am not a diabetic, I reversed that diagnosis, and I was told last year that I am no longer a diabetic. She wouldnt believe me. I was so frustrated. She said I’d have to come back in 2 weeks for a full diabetic review, she told me to make an appointment, but I didnt do it. I’m not going in for a review, when I told her my sugars are normal, she looked on the computer at my history, and low and behold yes they are normal, and in the normal range. That to me says you arent a diabetic. So why do I have to go for a diabetic review? It makes no sense. I will just ring up next week for my results, and that will be that. I’m not going to waste my time going in to be told well actually your A1C is normal, and your not actually a diabetic, she said something about me being in the prediabetic range, and that they were just keeping a close eye on things. I call bs. Its just so irritating. Either I am a diabetic or I’m not. You cant be both ways. Its one or the other. I didnt say anything to her after she started giving me the speech about keeping an eye on things. I just let her think I was going to make another appointment. I was glad to get it over with though. My PA came in with me and when the nurse was putting the needle into my arm my PA couldnt look. She almost fainted. The blood was coming out of my arm so slowly, I thought she’d never finish, I hope the results of the bloods are all good. I guess we’ll see next week how they turn out.

Dads ill, prayers needed

Can you all please send some prayers and good wishes to our dad?
He’s ill! He has a severe chest infection! He went to the doctor and the doctor gave him a course of steroids, and an antibiotic to take.
The doctor also said he has low iron, and needs to have his bloods checked again, to see how low it actually is now, and so he made an apt for april 16th to have his bloods done on that date.
Also he is going to be having a bone density scan soon as he has brittle bone and its getting worse, he’s had some flare ups recently.
So any and all prayers and good thoughts wishes good vibes are appreciated!
thanks guys!


Its all about the bloods

yeah! it sure is! hahaha 😀

tomorrow morning I have to go to my GP. I have to get bloods taken. I am having a full blood count and having my thyroid, cholesterol and kidneys and liver checked, as well as also having an A 1 C done.

I hate needles. I am very nervous about going. I dont want to be stuck with a needle! I hope the nurse is good and will tell me before she actually takes the blood.

More to the point, I hope she can actually get a vein! I have awful veins! I mean they are really bad. Sometimes doctors cant even get a vein to come up thats how bad they are. So heres hoping the nurse can find one.

I am having my last cup of coffee now. I have to fast from midnight. I am hoping I will get good results and that maybe my diabetes is reversed if I am lucky! I wont know the results for about a week though.
carol anne