I got a good nights sleep last night. I dreamed weird things, but I tried not to think about the dreams once I woke up.

I prepared myself for going out tonight instead. I started getting ready early and have spent the morning beautifying myself.

I have showered, shaved my arms and legs, and mom has put a color in my hair and then I blow dried it. I feel good.

I texted my sister asking her if she wanted to go halves to get mom flowers and chocolates for mothers day. We’re both also giving her money instead of a present. She texted back saying yes and that she’d get them on her way in tonight.

We’ll be going out at around 6 PM. When I get dressed later and do my make up I will take a picture and post it on here.

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this year I’ve decided to participate in the AtoZ blog challenge

so i’ve decided to participate in the AtoZ blog challenge this year. this challenge is where you blog every day for a month, the month of april, following the letters of the alphabet, you try to blog on a certain topic or theme. I’ve decided to blog and make my theme dissociative identity disorder since I have that disorder and I thought it would be a good way to get the word out there about it.
So if your interested in knowing more and learning a little about did along the way, make sure you stop by from sunday April 1st!

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Fridays here yay!

i had a great nights sleep last night. i did wake at around 2 AM but I was able to go back to sleep. Thank goodness I was. This morning I felt tired upon waking and didnt want to get up. Eventually I did get up however when my mom called me. I’m at the basement club now doing my 2 hours of volunteering. I managed to be really productive and get all the sign in sheets for the last 10 days completed. I had a little help from one of the other members which was nice. I’ll stay here until around 4 PM. There is community catch up in the afternoon which I’ll attend. I’m going to mom and dads later this afternoon for the weekend. Its mothers day here in ireland this coming sunday. We are going out tomorrow night in celebration of that. We are going for a meal and some drinks. It will be myself, mom, my sister, and some of my aunts and cousins. I’m looking forward to going out. I probably wont drink though since I’m working so hard on my weight loss and dont want to ruin it by consuming alcohol. Speaking of weight loss, I did 20 minutes on the treadmill last night. I was very proud of myself. I’ve put my back out this morning though, pulled one of my muscles getting out of bed. Its very sore and is twinging a lot. I’ll try to do some back exercises later to help right it and hopefully they will work.

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