#Blogging insights new format: Have I peaked your interest?

A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.

Lee Odden.

I do agree with this quote. If you dont read others blogs, you cant expect to get much engagement on yours.

I love reading other peoples blogs. People fascinate me. Their lives interest me. I also love reading peoples creative writing endeavours.

I feel commenting on other people blog posts is important. I mean, for me, I love it when someone takes the time to leave me a comment on one of my posts, so I figure other bloggers do too.

When someone takes the time to leave me a comment, it means they were interested enough in what I had to say, that they want to say something back to me.

Its all well and good liking a post, but, to me, its easy to hit like, and go on about your day. For me, comments are the bread and butter of blogging.

For me, blogging is all about the engagement.

If I show interest in other peoples blogs, I hope in return they’ll also show an interest in mine.

Written in response to Dr. Tanyas blogging insights post.

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