random odds and ends

so i thought i’d write a random update sorta post. i am delighted this week is almost over. 2 more days to the weekend yay! i cant wait! tomorrow i have a relief pa in the morning because kristen is doing a training course in manual handling. she doesnt even want to be doing it but its part of her job she has to do it in order to work with clients. so the relief pa is dolores and she’s nice. she’s done relief for me before. a friend of mine also has her as her pa though and she told me the other day that dolores got a new job and so she is leaving. that means i’ll have to find someone else to do my cover when kristen is unavailable. thats probably going to be hard. given they’re so short on pa’s. i’m sure dolores will tell me herself tomorrow about her new job, its just that my friend found out sooner because dolores was working with her and she told me, even though she probably shouldnt have. i wont let on i know anything and i’ll just wait for her to tell me tomorrow herself about it. i have my nutritionist tomorrow morning, its weigh in time. i’m hoping i’m down a couple of pounds. i keep saying i’ll be happy if i am even down a pound, but it sure would be nice to be down a few and have all of my hard work pay off. i’m not going to eat any breakfast until i am finished seeing karen. if i dont eat i’ll get a more accurate weight when she weighs me. i need to ask dolores to clean the house, vacume, mop the floors etc. it hasnt been done this week at all, because kristen didnt have time on tuesday to do it. in the afternoon tomorrow i’m going to a barbecue at the basement club. its on in the green ribbon garden, thats a garden that shine runs as part of the basement club. i’m looking forward to it very much. it is supposed to be really sunny tomorrow too so that will be nice. i wasnt part of the committee to set up the barbecue mainly because i havent really been in to the basement club in a couple of weeks. but i payed my 2 euro yesterday and so i am going and i will enjoy myself at it. being with the other members will keep my mind occupied and keep me distracted from my own thoughts and worries. i’m going to make the bbq my treat for this week. i will eat a burger and enjoy it knowing that i have the whole week to work on my weight after the bbq is over.

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