Blog shout out, All the shoes I wear!

Laura writes an amazing blog over at

Go on over and say hi, give her a follow, I am sure she’d love o meet you and say hello!

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Suzi reached a milestone, and a link party too

The wonderful suzi over at the blog my colorful life reached another milestone last weekend. She’s having a link share party to celebrate. Go on over and leave your link it takes two seconds and it will get your blog more exposure.
300 Followers and a Link Share Party!!!!

Blog shout outs!

I want to do a new feature on my blog where I give a shout out to other bloggers. Will you share the link to your blog with me? Then I can give you a shout out on my blog?
I want to start this feature this coming week!
So please guys, send me your links! You can email them to me by using the contact me page on here, or you can comment with them in the comments below!
Do share and lets have some blogging fun!

Monday meet and greet on therapy bits

Hello fellow bloggers! 😀 how are you all doing today?
I thought today I’d do a meet and greet, I havent done one in a little while!
The rules are simple. If you’d like to participate, leave either your own blog link, or some links to posts on your blog that you love or are your favourite posts. You can also leave links to other blogs, or posts on other blogs that you’ve read and liked.
Please reblog and share this post too so that more people can get involved!
Lets do this, its fun to meet new bloggers, and also see some old familiar faces!
Let the party start! So get liking, commenting and reblogging!
You know you want to!

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Blog share. Bits n pieces, a blog written by a mental health htherapist

another blog share for you all tonight.
This blog is called bits and pieces, a blog written by beth, who is a 30 year old mental health therapist writing about her therapy work, and she is also in recovery from an ed, go over, say hey, check her out, and give her a follow! I did!