Monday meet and greet on therapy bits

Hello fellow bloggers! 😀 how are you all doing today?
I thought today I’d do a meet and greet, I havent done one in a little while!
The rules are simple. If you’d like to participate, leave either your own blog link, or some links to posts on your blog that you love or are your favourite posts. You can also leave links to other blogs, or posts on other blogs that you’ve read and liked.
Please reblog and share this post too so that more people can get involved!
Lets do this, its fun to meet new bloggers, and also see some old familiar faces!
Let the party start! So get liking, commenting and reblogging!
You know you want to!

carol anne


Blog share. Bits n pieces, a blog written by a mental health htherapist

another blog share for you all tonight.
This blog is called bits and pieces, a blog written by beth, who is a 30 year old mental health therapist writing about her therapy work, and she is also in recovery from an ed, go over, say hey, check her out, and give her a follow! I did!


Blog share. Brain games, no winner

This is a beautiful new blog and blogger to me, they write about their experiences of mental health, and life in general, go over, say hey, check out the blog, give them a follow, its well worth it!


Blog share. Constructive survival

I have a new blog to share with you all. This is a new blog and a new blogger to me, but the blog is very motivational and very positive in nature. Please go on over and check out this blog.


Blog share. Regaining my sparkle

I have another new blog, and this blogger is also new to blogging.
Please do go on over and say hey and give her a follow!

I am sure she’d appreciate the follow and support!