Blog share. Bits n pieces, a blog written by a mental health htherapist

another blog share for you all tonight.
This blog is called bits and pieces, a blog written by beth, who is a 30 year old mental health therapist writing about her therapy work, and she is also in recovery from an ed, go over, say hey, check her out, and give her a follow! I did!


Blog share. Brain games, no winner

This is a beautiful new blog and blogger to me, they write about their experiences of mental health, and life in general, go over, say hey, check out the blog, give them a follow, its well worth it!


Blog share. Constructive survival

I have a new blog to share with you all. This is a new blog and a new blogger to me, but the blog is very motivational and very positive in nature. Please go on over and check out this blog.


Blog share. Regaining my sparkle

I have another new blog, and this blogger is also new to blogging.
Please do go on over and say hey and give her a follow!

I am sure she’d appreciate the follow and support!