#Weekend meet and greet

Welcome to another weekend meet and greet.

Please get comfy put up your feet, sit down, and enjoy the hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or whatever it is you like to drink, as you browse others blogs and posts.

Please go ahead and drop your blog link, or another blog link in the comments box. We’d love to read your posts! Or if you have posts you like, please go ahead and drop the links for them in the comments box too!

Most importantly have fun!

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have fun! 😀
carol anne

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Weird and wonderful holidays for may 16th

May 16th is…

Biographer’s Day
Love a Tree Day
National Coquilles St. Jacques Day
National Mimosa Day
National Piercing Day
National Sea Monkey Day
National Wear Purple for Peace Day
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Question of the day

Do you have a good relationship with your gp?
I dont see my gp too often. But when I do see him, I have a pretty good relationship with him.
He’s very thorough. He will always thoroughly examine me and he leaves no stones unturned when it comes to diagnosing your illness.
The one down side is its very very hard to get in to see him. If your sick and need an appointment you might be waiting a while to get one. I often have to see his partner In the practice because my gp is totally booked out.
I am glad though that I have a doctor who is good. It really does make all the difference.
How about you? Do you like your gp?

Bizarre holidays for May 11th

The weird and wacky holidays that are celebrated on may 11th are…

Eat What You Want Day
Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice
Hostess CupCake Day
Military Spouse Appreciation Day
National Public Gardens Day
National Twilight Zone Day
Provider Appreciation Day


its really warm here this afternoon. its nice to just sit outside in the sun. i’ve been outside playing in the garden with the dogs. they’ve been having so much fun chasing a ball. they are funny to watch. nitro is so selfish he keeps taking the ball from my dads dog biggy and running away with it. then my niece and nephew were playing with him with it and he wouldnt drop it out of his mouth haahaha.
he’s such a goofy dog. i love that the weather is nice enough now that we can all be outside in it. im in my pj’s though lol. i figure what the hell i’m going out in the nice weather and not even bothering to get dressed and im like who cares, whose gonna see me?
the dogs are exhausted now. so me and nitro came in and i made a coffee and now i’m going to catch up on some emails and blog posts of friends blogs.

Guide dog trainer

on friday morning nitros dog trainer is coming out to meet me. she came out before christmas, but then she got busy and couldnt come back until now.
shes meeting me about the route i wanted to learn with nitro, a route to a local coffee shop and also now to the gym i am joining.
i am nervous. im always nervous meeting her. just because i know she’ll be evaluating me and nitro, our work together. hopefully he’ll be on top form and work really well.
she is friendly and very approachable, so i really shouldnt worry but i do. its just how i am. i worry unnecessarily i suppose.
please keep fingers crossed for me that the visit goes well.
im not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, besides chatting. she may take us for a short walk, just to see how he’s doing. she may not. i really dont know.
but please pray all goes well for us. the visit is at 10 AM on friday morning.