550 thousand views!

Hi everyone!
I am writing this morning to say that I have reached another not one, but two milestones!
The first one is reaching 550 thousand views on my blog! I am beyond thrilled!
Waking up to this news was amazing! You all made it happen, so, thank you!
The second milestone is that I have now passed 6000 followers!
Wow! How did that happen!
Again, I am ecstatic!
Thank you all for following me, liking, and commenting on my posts!
It warms my heart to know I have so many blogging buddies out there!
I hope my rambles make sense, and if you get something out of reading my words, well then I feel honoured.
I shall keep blogging as long as I am able to!
I love it and my blog is now part of my therapy!
So thank you all!