Inviting comments from new followers!

Hello everyone!
I have over 4000 followers on this here blog! Yes, that thrills me, it also surprises me. I cannot believe I made it past 1000, nevermind 4000!
What I want to do is invite those of you who follow me but have never introduced yourselves, have never commented to any of my posts, to comment and say hi! I really would love to get to know you!
I promise not to bite!
I’m a sarcastic bitch at the best of times, I’m a hot mess at the best of times, but I’m also a fun loving and kind person who wants to meet my followers and get acquainted!
So come on you guys, whatcha waiting for!

Suzi reached a milestone, and a link party too

The wonderful suzi over at the blog my colorful life reached another milestone last weekend. She’s having a link share party to celebrate. Go on over and leave your link it takes two seconds and it will get your blog more exposure.
300 Followers and a Link Share Party!!!!

I thank you all

I want to thank you all. For your comments, likes, and support. I dont know where I’d be without you all! This blog is a dumping ground for me, as well as being a place where I post things like quotes, recipes etc, its also a place where I post my darkest thoughts, my inner most feelings, my therapy journey, my daily life updates. Its a venting ground for me, and all of you my dear readers have been so so supportive of me. I can never thank you enough. I hope you gain as much from reading my blog as I do from writing. I am honoured to call you my friends. Your all fab! Thanks again for everything, from the bottom of my heart.
carol anne


Going private

I’m going private. Not sure for how long or if I will go public again in the future. For now though my blog will be private. If you want to read me, go in to request access. I do still want to have people read, but I want to know whose reading, it feels safer that way for now.
I hope some of you will continue to read me. I think a few of you will have access since the last time, but if you need it just go in and request it.
If you can see my blog then you already are able to access it, if not you’ll get a request access notification when you click on my blog.
I hope that makes sense. As soon as I hit publish on this I will be privatising it.
If you want to email me about it my email addy is

Wishing you all a happy new year!

Well another year is drawing to a close. I cant quite believe it. Another year, and I made it, I survived, I got here. 2019 here I come!
I want to wish all of you my blog friends and followers a very happy new year. I am tremendously grateful for your continued friendship and ongoing support. It means the world to us that you continue to follow our blog, and like, comment to our posts , etc.
I really dont know where we’d be without our blog! It has grown tremendously over the past year. We are thrilled that it continues to grow steadily.
We love you all and want to wish each one of you a very happy and peaceful 2019, whatever your doing tonight, I hope you have fun, and I hope 2019 is good to you and that you accomplish some or all of the things you want to do in the coming year!
Happy new year everyone! Let the party begin! I’m not going out tonight, instead I am celebrating at home with my parents, we’ll eat food, watch new years tv, and stay up until midnight to see the fireworks and wish our neighbours a happy new year!
Love to you all!