Nova’s random word of the day, embargo

The towns people decided that they wanted an embargo on the word fuck! Frank thought this was outrageous!
Who does that! He exclaimed!
I love that word! I need to be able to use it!
Its part of my everyday vocab!
His wife just laughed at him, and playfully punched the air!
Find a new word, frank!
Its not as easy as that, he sighed.
That word has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations!
When I tell people who I dont like, go fuck yourself, they know I mean business!
When I say, fuck you, they know I am serious!
Oh frank, his wife cried!
Why cant you just be a little nicer to people! It really takes more strength to be nice than to be mean!
Frank was having none of it! I’m not a pushover, he shouted!
His wife just said, whatever! I have things to do! If your going to be grumpy you can be grumpy on your own! Dont try to make me agree with you!
And with that, she stormed off, leaving frank to stew!