personal assistant

so tonight my new pa came. it went well. she’s so nice. so friendly. very very down to earth and chatty. i liked her from the start. we sat chatting for a while, drinking coffee and just getting to know one another. she’s 47, and she had a 3 year old little girl. me and her had so much in common. we both have youth and community work diplomas. we both went to the same college and we had some of the same lecturers. we both knew a particular girl and her two kids. its such a small world. i couldnt believe the amount of things we had in common. i got her to change my bedsheets, wash them, vacume, and do dishes, help me prepare a meal, and go to the store for me. i had four hours in total but she had everything done after 3 and a half so i let her go half an hour early. i think we’ll get along really well though. i’m pleased with how things went.
carol anne