class today

class today was very boring. i wasnt in for the morning session because I had therapy. the group usually goes shopping on Monday though for the ingredients for the things we are cooking. tomorrow the group are cooking a vegetarian pasta dish. im cooking apple crumble. actually i think i’ll make two of them, one with oats in it, as part of the crumble, and the other with crushed up digestive biscuits as the crumble. the staff member who usually helps me is back at work now so thats good it means i have help and can pretty much do my own thing and only get the help when i absolutely need it.
we did a session on interview techniques in the afternoon. it was pretty much all things i already knew though.
so i cant say i got much out of class at all today.
now i’m sitting here drinking a cup of coffee to try to wake me up. i came upstairs after class, let nitro out and fed him, then called my mom, and then I lay down and fell asleep for like 30 minutes.
made myself get up now and get moving so i dont stay asleep.
i think my meds are making me super tired today.
carol anne