went to my friends this afternoon

i spent the afternoon at my friend normas house training her in how to use her i phone. i taught her how to face time and she was really pleased because now she will be able to cut down on call costs. i also loaded an audio book on to her phone for her to read. i loaded on beautiful boy by david shep, thats a really good read btw if any of you want to read it, its a fathers story of his sons meth addiction and how the family got through it. its really good. we also sat and chatted for a while. in total i was at her house about 3 hours. i just got back to my parents about half an hour ago. the taxi driver who took me back to my parents was very chatty. i love it when i get nice taxi drivers. the taxi’s to and from my friends place are free to me because the partnership where I volunteer is paying for them so thats nice, saves me some money. having a cup of tea now, and then going to do email and catch up on blogs, my mom has gone to her brothers house with my aunt, i could have went with them but i decided not to go. i’d prefer to just stay here and chill out.

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