no sleep tonight

I cant sleep. I did manage about 2 hours. But that was it then. I woke at 1 AM and there is no sign of me going back to sleep.

I was having trouble with my computer, it was taking ages to update windows, then when it finally did it uninstalled my mail programme. Luckily I was able to reinstall it though, thank god! So all is good there now again!

Im debating whether I will read for a while. I want to finish my book, but then im not really in the mood for reading, so maybe i’ll just wait until tomorrow.

I’ll be having dinner at my parents tomorrow, it will be just me and my parents, I gave my dad his fathers day card lready tonight, we’re not going to do anything special for fathers day this year.

Mom said she’d come with me when i go home, to help me bring my shopping home, she ended up going grocery shopping for me this week and she kept my food in her fridge until I was going home. She’ll probably stay for a couple hours when we go to my house. I told her i’d give her the price of a taxi home as she doesn’t drive.

I also want to face time my friend sarah tomorrow. Sarah lives in collorado. She has been my friend now for about 4 years. We met on a mailing list for people who are blind and who have mental illness. She has did like me.

Anyway. I’m rambling. I will close this post for now. I hope your all ok and doing as well as you can.

Carol anne