Nitros vet visit

i took nitro to the vet yesterday for his annual vaccinations and a general health check up. he has a general health check up every six months. the vet said he’s looking great. he’s put on about 2 pounds since his last visit but she said what with it being winter and with the bad weather we’ve had thats to be expected. he hasnt been for many walks lately because of all the wind and rain we’ve had. she checked his joints and said they are fine, he’s showing no signs of artheritis in them. he is only 5 so a bit young yet for artheritis. she checked his heart and said its very strong. his temperature was normal. she said his teeth have a layer of plaque on them but i said if it isnt that bad i wouldnt do anything about it for now. i had his teeth cleaned last year and i hate to put him under an aneastethic if it isnt necessary. she said they arent that bad and once i keep brushing his teeth it should be fine. she gave him a worming tablet and flea treatment. he gets flea treatment every month even though he’s never had fleas. the flea treatment also keeps away ear mites. he got his injection and the kennel cough vaccination which is squirted up his nose. he whimpered when she gave him the kennel cough vaccination, i think it hurt him a little bit. overall though he’s in good health and i am very pleased with his progress.