A wonderful day!

My nephew is making his first holy communion next weekend.
I am excited about it. But I need to do a few things to make myself look nice for the photographs.
Mom is going to put a colour in my hair for the occasion. That will be nice. I love having my hair done. Putting the colour on, waiting for it to take, and then when it is rinsed off. Its very sootheing. The warm water as it is washed off. Then looking at the finished result. My mom admiring her handy work.
She is also going to wax my eyebrows and lip for me. I could go to the beauty parlour but why pay 25 euro to get waxing done when mom can do it for me?
I also picked out a nice outfit to wear on the day.
I can’t actually go to the church, due to covid restrictions there are only 5 people allowed at the church, that includes the parents and any siblings. So my sister and her partner, their daughter, and then their two grandmothers my mom and my sisters partners mom are going to the church.
Afterwords we’re going to a kids soft play area for a couple of hours. Then, we have a meal booked for the evening.
It will be a beautiful day!

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