Electric went out

My electricity went out for a few minutes. I was panicking, because I thought it was going to go out for hours. I had just made a cup of coffee and I was settling in to read some blog posts, and it went.
I immediately turned off my heating, and phoned my neighbour to see if hers was gone, it wasnt. So I am not sure why mine went. My neighbour thinks it could be something in my house shorting out, to cause it to go…like my house alarm.
It was only gone for about 5 minutes, then it came back on. My internet went out, alexa went off etc well because they’re all worked by electric.
Thank goodness its back now. I definitely dont need it to be gone. I’d be so bored then lol.

neighbourly chat

I just spent a half an hour out in my front garden chatting to my next door neighbour. She’s a lovely lady, her name is Catherine, she is such a good neighbour to me. She had rang me this morning to check on me. I told her I was at my parents house but that I would be home this afternoon. She has two dogs, so usually we discuss our pups and how they are doing. She very kindly told me while we were chatting that if I need anything, or need someone to chat to to phone her and we can come outside to our gardens and chat, as there is a wall between our houses.
I was telling her about Nitro having had surgery, she was very concerned, as I knew she would be.
Its so nice to know that she’s looking out for me. I am so blessed. I know some people get awful neighbours, and have no relationship with their neighbours at all.
We’ve always had a good relationship. She even puts my bins out for me, and brings them back in again. She has given me milk before when I’ve run out, and she has given me hot water to make a cup of coffee when my electricity was out since she has a stove and so she always has hot water.
We’ve lived next door to one another since 2009. We always exchange christmas gifts and cards also with each other.
During these tough times we all need people we can count on, and I know I can count on my neighbour to look out for me, and for that I am truly grateful.

Happy Friday all!

The most valuable places to be in the world are in someone’s thoughts, in someone’s prayers and in someone’s heart!
Author Unknown
Good morning!
Happy Friday!
I hope everyone has an awesome one! I certainly intend on it!
I am getting my hair done today, mom is putting a color in it, a box one, but I still love having it done, its a real pick me up and I love being pampered!
What are your plans today?

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Be thankful

I am thankful
for my home
and my life
my happiness
despite the pain
of my past
for the most part
I am happy, content
for that
I am truly greatful
I could be
back where I was
a few years ago
always in crisis
or in the hospital
after a failed suicide attempt
so glad
those years
are behind me now
so be thankful
for what you have
and for your growth
i know I am

Check up call

Seems everyone is being kind these days, checking up on me, to see that I am ok, I am so thankful. My resource worker from the NCBI which is our local blindness agency called me this evening. She said she’d been thinking about me and wanted to see if I was ok. Bless her. I was so thrilled that she called. We had a great catch up. She said the NCBI are trying to organise a few groups, like a book club which will be done virtually, and a chat group one or two times a week jus to check in with everyone. I knew this already since I am on a whats app group for blind people, a technology group and this morning the head of tecnology messaged to ask us if we were all able to use zoom. And to ask us what we thought of a chat group a couple times a week. Everybody thought it was a great idea. My resource worker told me to save her phone number, and not to hesitate to call her if I need anything, and she said she’d check back in in a week or so to see how I am doing. She is so kind, its amazing how people are pulling together during this tough time, I’ve felt so loved, and cared for. Its been amazing, and I am feeling so blessed to have so many supportive peole in my life.