If we were having coffee 26-05-2016

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that tomorrow is my sisters birthday. And she’ll be 27. I got her a voucher to a clothing store for her birthday. And this afternoon she went shopping and spent it.
I would tell you that this weekend we went to the beach, that is, mom, my sister, her two kids and me. We had a blast catching crabs, playing in rock pools, BBQing food, it was awesome.
I would tell you that I have a busy week coming up in college. Tomorrow I have my 3 monthly IAP meeting. Thats gonna be pretty stressful. I am also busy with some assignments that need finishing off this week too.
I have my therapy apt with eileen on tuesday and my apt with my psychiatrist dr. barry on wednesday. I also see my nutritionist on friday morning. These are all regular appointments that I have each week.
I would tell you that our weathers been pretty good this weekend. Its been really sunny, I even got a little sunburned. I’m hoping that it will turn into a suntan. It just clouded over about an hour ago and started to rain and thunder. They said on the radio that its meant to be hot here in ireland this week, even hotter than spain and other european countries.
I would tell you that I am reading a very good book at the moment, its called raising abel. Its about a single mom who fostered and then adopted a little boy named abel and his struggle with ptsd and anxiety and other issues. I will probably do a review for the blog once I’m done.
So what are you doing this weekend? I want to hear all about your weekend.