Birthday gifts

I got some lovely gifts for my birthday. I got spoiled by my sister. She got me a set with some slippers, body lotion, and body wash in it. She also got me some hugo boss perfume. Thats a very expensive perfume, and it smells really good. She also got me this cute little stress ball, with a picture of a pug on it. And she gave me a card with 20 euro in it. I am planning on buying something nice with the money over the weekend. Maybe a new dress top or a pair of shoes.

My aunt thats moms sister gave me a lovely gift also. She gave me some perfum too, the same one dr. barry wears, so I am in my element now, as I smell like dr. barry. Its a really lovely perfume, I cant spell the name of it, its a really expensive one too though. She also gave me some body butter, and some bath chrystals.

My cards I got with my gifts are really nice too. I love getting cards. I saved mine and put them on moms mantelpiece.

Mom is going to buy my gift at the weekend, she said she’d get me something to wear when we go shopping. I cant wait to try on some clothes and pick something out.

Its so nice to be spoiled. I’m such a lucky duck.


Its our birthday today!

Well its officially our birthday. We’re 39 today! Omg 39!
I feel so old!
I’m going away with mom for the weekend, we’re off to Killarney in Co. Kerry!
It is going to be so much fun! Just the two of us, a mom daughter weekend away together, something we havent done at all in my adult life!
It is something that I’ve always longed to do, and since our relationship got stronger, and better, I am now very happy that we’re finally doing it!
Our birthday is often filled with bad memories, and is often very hard. And a couple years we’ve been in hospital for it. Not this year though!
This year we’re going to make it fun!
So, my plan is to totally enjoy the day! happy birthday to us!


For SoCs: slip!

Well hello everyone! What do you think of my great idea, yes, an idea, here it is, I shall just slip into bed? I think I should! Its night time afterall, but I am not even tired!
I had a wonderful day! I slipped away from my parents house, and slipped off to see my friend norma!
She gave me a birthday present! A beautiful pair of earrings! They are shaped like hearts and are so darn cute!
I love them! Earrings always make me feel so girly, and I love the really girly ones, with hearts, butterflies, roses, etc on them!
What else? I came back to mom and dads, and I slipped out of my clothes and into my PJ’s! I had to! I felt a lot better once I did that! Much more comfy!
I went to make a cup of tea, and I almost slipped in the kitchen! And damn that wouldn’t have been a good thing! The last thing I wanna do is fall! Not on a hard wood floor!
Well, as my dad says, if you wore slippers, then you wouldn’t fall at all!
hahaha I would, I’m that unlucky!
So now I am debating, whether to continue reading blogs, or go read my maggie hartley book and finish it!
what do you say guys? Should I close the laptop down for the night?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 13/19

Its Prevent cruelty to animals day today

Did you know?
That today is Prevent Cruelty to Animals Day? In 1866, the ASPCA was founded on this date by Henry Bergh when he received a charter from the state of New York. ASPCA was the first humane society in the U.S. Celebrate today, and every day, by being kind to all animals.


The metric system had a birthday?

Did you know?
That today is the birthday of the Metric System? In 1795, the French adopted the metric system as their official measurement system. The United States is the only industrialized country that does not use the metric system as its official system of measurement, although the use of the metric system has been officially sanctioned for use.



Did you know?
That today is the Twinkies Birthday? On this day in 1930, James Dewar invented Twinkies in Schiller Park, Illinois. Trivia fans: Twinkies were originally filled with banana cream but were switched over to vanilla cream when bananas were rationed in WWII. They proved to be even more popular than the banana cream Twinkies!