This is me at 2:30 AM

Spiralling up and then spiralling down

First a smile, then comes the frown

Need for sleep decreases,

To a point it almost ceases

Everything is shifty in my mind

Till the right words I cannot find

How do you describe crawling on your skin

I know it will stop I just don’t know when

Seeing bugs that don’t exist

I jump anyway I can’t resist

Take a tablet, now take three

Add two more, and that’s me

So it slows me down some but not near enough

Some of the symptoms are so rough

Have you any idea what it is like to live this way

Drugged and drowsy but simply cannot sleep

I am about ready to start counting sheep

One thought interrupts another

I think I might smother

It’s all overwhelming when you think about it

It takes away everything even your wit

And in the blink of an eye your world caves in

You are left in the rubble wondering what was your sin

Why did you end up with this disorder of the mind

I know the questions, it’s the answers I’m trying to find

Carol Anne