todays Dr. Barry apt

so i saw dr. barry this morning. it went well. we talked about meds. she decided to increase my epilem, which is mainly for my seizures but I also use it for my mood. she said she would write an explicit letter to my gp, because since she is not my primary prescriber of that med she wasnt really comfortable reintroducing it. she did, but she doesnt feel to comfortable doing it. i told her my gp hadnt even rang me, he’d just given me the prescription that dr. barry wrote out. so she’s going to explicitly ask him to review me. she put me up to 800 mg a day of epilem. i was taking 400 at night. she also reintroduced my metformin for my diabetes. and the prazosin also at 3 mg at night. she said she’d leave the rest for now. and i’ll be going back to see her in two weeks for my usual apt. she said there was some new paperwork and guidelines now about the epilem. apparently it causes some foetal syndrome and it is not meant to be prescribed for women of child bearing age. i dont really have to worry about it since my ovaries are gone, and I have no chance of becoming pregnant. but she had to tell me anyway, she said that they dont use it for bipolar hardly now, and she only had one patient whose on it for their mood. since mine is primarily prescribed for epilepsy and only used for mood as a secondary med it doesnt really matter, but she still had to tell me. we talked a little around my surgery to remove my ovaries, she wasnt aware I had had both ovaries removed. she apologised about bringing that up since she knows its a topic i dont like talking about since it involves my not being able to have kids. we talked a little about sleep, I told her my sleep is not great lately, that i am getting around 3 to 4 hours a night if I am lucky. she said hopefully the prazosin will help that. we talked about therapy and i told her eileen is pulling back on working on trauma stuff for right now, that we’re going to work on managing overwhelm and managing feelings. we talked about the social worker mary, mary had spoken to dr. barry at their team meeting, she’d told her we’d met and what she’d been helping me with. so then we talked a little bit about the funding I applied for and that was an interesting conversation. i told her I’d asked mary to help me apply for more PA hours. it was a good apt. I forgot that I was due my depo injection today so didnt bring it with me. so now next tuesday I have to go to the clinic so the nurse who gives the depos can give me my shot.
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Blog share. Burble by a bipolar brain

This blogger writes candidly about her struggles with bipolar disorder. I know she’d love it if you’d check out her blog as she is a relatively new blogger. So pop on over and say hello!

Blog share.

I came across another new blog and another new blogger. Go on over and check out her blog, say hi, give her a follow. She is bipolar, and has clinical depression, and she is blogging about her struggles and life with these mental illnesses.

the basement club

i’m going to try to get some time off on thursday from the ILS course to go in to the basement club. one of the long time staff is leaving, it will be his last day on thursday and there is a goodbye party for him. i really want to go as I’ve known him for years. And I want a chance to say goodbye.
so i’m going to ask my supervisor for the morning and afternoon off to go in. i hope she’ll let me. since i’ve just had two weeks off she might not like me to take more time off. all i can do is ask and all she can say is yes or no. i hope she says yes, though.
i will miss bruno. he was so nice. so gentle. very supportive. a really calm person. always very present and very supportive to the members.
since i havent been in the basement club in a while i am not sure why he is leaving. i only found out he was leaving because one of the members emailed me to let me know. since the ILS course is full time I dont get to go to the basement club a lot any more.
she said in her email there was a lot of changes since i’d last been in. she also said she’d keep me informed of future changes. it will be august before i can get in, unless i can go in a day here or there in june or july.