I have great news!

I just got the results of the biopsy I had last week back! I rang the clinic earlier and was told they werent back, but the lady I spoke to said she’d go check with the nurse and see if she could fast track the results. Well it must have worked, because the nurse just called.
And, its good news guys!
She said that I have slight abnormalities in my cervix, but they are low grade, and the nurse said that 80 percent of the time in a young healthy person the abnormalities go back to normal on their own.
What a relief! I was never so relieved!
She said I will need to do a repeat smear test in six months, with my gp. But other than that, no further treatment is needed for now. If there is anything in the next smear I may have to go back to them again, but for now I am ok!
OMG I am so chuffed! I was praying so hard and someone was looking down on me and keeping me safe!
I texted eileen and told her the results, and I rang my mom to tell her, of course she was also so relieved that they came back ok.
Its one less thing to worry about! I am so so glad!

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