Sleeping the entire day away!

I slept the whole day away! I feel kinda bad about it. I mean I had no intentions of doing that, it sorta just happened!
I was on the couch last night reading, and I fell asleep, that was around midnight, I woke up at 1 AM, and decided I’d go into bed, the couch is not all that comfy, and I only had one blanket over me while I was on there!
So I went to bed, and slept great! I woke at 7 AM, to nitro whimpering, so I got up, let him out and fed him!
Then I decided that I needed some more sleep so I went right back to bed!
I only woke again when mom called and it was 11 AM by then! I decided to eat something and then I was going to read, which I did for a while but again I fell asleep while reading!
I’m gladI got such a good night and day of sleep!
I feel great now! Sometimes you just need to do that to reset and it works a treat for me! I do it sometimes after a few nights of little to no sleep at all!


:-( arg!

1 hour! That’s all I got! 1 damn hour of sleep!
I woke up almost as soon as I went to sleep! The hour I got, I slept well though. It was a solid hours sleep!
One hour! Omg!
I feel defeated!Why cant I sleep?
This totally sucks!
Now before I went to bed, here is what was in my system…
4 mg of prazosin, 25 mg of fenergan, 850 mg of depokate, 250 mg of Keppra, and 500 mg of metphormin!
And here I am an hour and a half later, wide awake!
Can you believe it? I cant!
What do ya think of that!
I think its extraordinary!

Looks like…

2 hours of sleep is all I’m gonna get!

I guess its better than nothing! I wish I’d gotten a little more though!

I’m probably going to be dragging tomorrow by the afternoon. Its almost 4 Am now.

I did get an hours nap earlier too so there is that.

I’ve really given up on getting good sleep at this point. I just get it when I am able to.

crappy sleep, again

so its midnight and i am up wide awake and unable to sleep. its so frustrating. i cant settle. i am anxious and feeling like my skin is crawling. i hate this. it feels horrible. i tried a few things, tried reading, tried a cup of herbal tea, tried a shower, still nothing. i dont know what I’ll do. I am just not sleeping at all. If this keeps up I will go downhill fast. Really fast. My mental health is already compramised and if I dont sleep it will only get worse.

The shower heals me

I love the shower. It is so healing to me. I just had a nice long hot shower, and now I feel so fresh, clean, and I am feeling more able to cope with things.
Do you like the shower? I love letting the warm water flow over me. It just feels so good, so, so healing. I love thinking about all of my worries being washed away. Eileen told me to have my shower before bed, so that is what I did tonight. I am planning on laying down in a little while and trying to rest, maybe read, but resting even if I am not sleeping.
I took my night meds, I didnt forget about them. I put a reminder in my phone. it seemed to work thankfully. Now I’ve taken them and dont have to worry about it again until tomorrow morning.
Its 10 Pm now. I have done all of my self care things. After my shower I clensed and moisturized my face, I need to take better care of my skin, so I am trying to do that twice a day now. I have been saying I will for a while now, but I never got around to it. So now is my time. My face feels so soft now. It feels good: 😀
Well I am going to get off of here and go read. See if I can get through another few chapters of my book. I might be back later on. Or I might not. Who knows.

Not a good night!

It looks like I am going to get no sleep tonight! I feel tired but my mind wont shut off. I am wired! I cant seem to wind down. Just my luck!

I will just stay up reading blogs and watching tv I suppose. I see dr. barry tomorrow, but its not an early morning apt. I don’t see her until later in the afternoon. I hope I can function enough to get there! Well I will go whether I got any sleep or not! I don’t wanna miss seeing dr. barry!

Its awful when you cant sleep! I hate it!

Is anyone out there reading this? Could use a hug.