Messed up sleep schedule

I really need to quit napping by day. I dont get a lot of sleep, so I’ve been sleeping when I can. I know this is bad though. I know I should only nap for an hour or two max, if I do nap. I should set an alarm or something to wake me up and then just get up and stay awake until a decent hour. I napped earlier this afternoon, and now its 2 AM and I am wide awake. I woke up at about 1 AM. I did go to bed early, at around 9:30. But I couldnt settle, even though I was super tired. Has anyone got any tips, on what you do? Do you have a decent sleep schedule? Or do you sleep at funny hours? I cant be the only one who does can I? I doubt I’m going to go back to sleep now. I will probably stay up and read. Its a vicious circle though as I am busy this morning with slimming world, then I work on friendly call in the afternoon, so by 5 PM I’ll be done in. All I will want to do then is rest. I’ll try to stay up until 10 pm or so though I think. I have to get my sleep schedule back on track. I just have to. I know it isnt good to be asleep during the day and awake at night. And they also say weight gain is atributed to getting little sleep. If I want to lose weight I need to look after my body. I’m just so tired of fighting this sleep thing. Its just getting me down a lot. Sometimes I’ll sleep for 12 hours, its rare, but it does happen, especially when I am at my parents house. I love when I can do that. I feel so refreshed the next day when I get a good number of hours of sleep the previous night.

I am flagging

7 Am when I finally lay down to try to sleep. I just wasnt able to settle. It wasnt for lack of trying. I did really try hard. But my anxiety was so bad. It was just awful and I just wasnt able to turn off my brain.

Now I am flagging. I got up about an hour ago its now almost 2 PM. I made a coffee and I’m just online reading blogs.

My plan is go to my friends house this afternoon. My friend Norma. Spend a few hours there with her. I need the distraction. Then I’ll come home and make something to eat and hopefully settle in for the night. Luckily I’ve no plans tomorrow either. No plans now until new years eve.

On new years eve we’re going to a pantomime, peter pan. And after that, we’re going for a meal in an asian street food place. Should be nice.

The only thing planned for tomorrow is to go to my weigh in. Even thats making me nervous. I desperately want a good result. I’m just not sure how it will go.

For now though I think another coffee is in order. Tonight I will try to not drink any coffee after 8 PM. Hoping that will make it easier to sleep.

Messed up sleep, its sooo buggered!

my sleep is fucked guys! Absolutely fucked!

I am neither here nor there with it! So what am I doing? Sleeping when and as I can!

Its not ideal but oh well! I gotta do what I gotta do!

Last night well actually it was 6 Pm yesterday evening, I crawled into bed with my book. Couldnt keep my eyes open though and fell into a deep sleep!

Slept until this morning only woke up and got up at 10 AM!

But thats rare for me! My normal is to sleep about 2 to 3 hours and then I am wide awake!

Is it just me? Anyone else sleep only a little?

I cant be the only one who spend most of every 24 hours awake can I?

I’ll be so worried if I am! 😀 not really Lol!

But somethings gotta give! I am finding that not eating after 8 pm is helping a little. I am less sluggish, also exercising more often helps me too, it tires me out!

I guess I’ll see how it goes over the christmas! I’m probably looking at not getting much sleep over the festive period though!

#Socs prompt: bad dreams!

I am participating this week in Linda G Hills prompt for socs!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is dream. Use it as a noun or a verb; use any way youd like. Enjoy!

My night last night was filled with bad dreams! Horrible nightmares! It was pure hell!
I sat up after each one, shaking uncontrollably, too scared to go back to sleep.
I thought to myself, this sucks!
All I wanted was a few uninterrupted hours of sleep! It wasnt to be though!
Instead I was wide awake, stressing!
At least there’s nothing on my agenda today. I can chill!
Happy saturday everyone! And, adios to nightmares and bad dreams!

Sleeping the entire day away!

I slept the whole day away! I feel kinda bad about it. I mean I had no intentions of doing that, it sorta just happened!
I was on the couch last night reading, and I fell asleep, that was around midnight, I woke up at 1 AM, and decided I’d go into bed, the couch is not all that comfy, and I only had one blanket over me while I was on there!
So I went to bed, and slept great! I woke at 7 AM, to nitro whimpering, so I got up, let him out and fed him!
Then I decided that I needed some more sleep so I went right back to bed!
I only woke again when mom called and it was 11 AM by then! I decided to eat something and then I was going to read, which I did for a while but again I fell asleep while reading!
I’m gladI got such a good night and day of sleep!
I feel great now! Sometimes you just need to do that to reset and it works a treat for me! I do it sometimes after a few nights of little to no sleep at all!


:-( arg!

1 hour! That’s all I got! 1 damn hour of sleep!
I woke up almost as soon as I went to sleep! The hour I got, I slept well though. It was a solid hours sleep!
One hour! Omg!
I feel defeated!Why cant I sleep?
This totally sucks!
Now before I went to bed, here is what was in my system…
4 mg of prazosin, 25 mg of fenergan, 850 mg of depokate, 250 mg of Keppra, and 500 mg of metphormin!
And here I am an hour and a half later, wide awake!
Can you believe it? I cant!
What do ya think of that!
I think its extraordinary!