#JusJoJan prompt january 28th 2019

Your prompt word for January 28th for JusJoJan is testify!

Getting enough sleep is so important. I can definitely testify to that! I only got 3 hours tonight. I went to bed around 9 PM. I quickly fell into a deep sleep. That was of course after Nitro decided to hop off the bed, after I’d let him up for some snuggle time. He got too hot and so he jumped off. I quickly settled in to go to sleep, decided that tonight would be the night I got a decent rest! It wasnt to be though! I woke at midnight, then I was wide awake, and there was no going back to sleep. So up I got. And now I am being a night owl, listening to the radio and reading blogs, well, I suppose thats good, I am catching up on posts from the last couple of days, mine build up so quicly!
Do you sleep well? How much sleep do you average a night?


Anight of no sleep

So its midnight. I am not able to sleep tonight. I think I been binge watching too much Netflix, lol. I am not able to switch off now. I was watching 13 reasons why. I watched one episode of that, and the other thing I was watching was fuller house. I just put on the radio, and turned off my tv. So hoping that is going to help. I have been reading email and blogs. That is keeping me busy while I cant sleep. I am anxious about therapy tomorrow morning. I know we have a lot to work on. Some insiders are really struggling, and we need to do some work with them to make sure they are ok and we don’t have a repeat of this weekend next week or during this week. I’d prefer to be stable if I could, thank you very much. So the plan is go in and work on some deep issues, and inside issues, and hope we can come up with some answers, and maybe a solution or two to the problem of memories hitting us hard, and overwhelming us. Other than therapy tomorrow morning, I have no plans for tomorrow. I am thinking if I don’t sleep much tonight, that when I get home from therapy tomorrow I can nap. I mostly always nap anyway after therapy. I am always so drained after it. I plan to come home, eat and then go for a nap and maybe read for a while. If this anxious feeling would just go away I’d be able to sleep, probably. I made a cup of hot chocolate for the kids. I can feel some of the youngest insiders in the system stirring. They aren’t feeling great tonight, so I made hot chocolate for them with marshmallows in it. That seems to make them happy so that is good. I am glad something is making them feel good. Well I’d better get going now, and hope I sleep soon.
Good night all!

Unable to sleep

Another night where I am unable to sleep. Sigh.

I fear I’ll never get my sleeping pattern back to normal. I spend most nights lately wide awake, I am awake until I crash hard, and eventually fall into a fitful sleep.

I wish I didn’t suffer from insomnia, its the pits.

Anyone else suffering from lack of sleep or unable to get to sleep?

We should start a club! 😀

#whatif prompt 9-4-2018

Today’s prompt over at what if we all cared is:

best place to go off-grid


My choice for this? Where is my best place to go off grid?

Well, yes, you guessed it! My bed!

No one bothers me there! Except my pup nitro!

And I dont mind him bothering me, because he’s cuddly! And I love him!

Its wonderful to go in to bed, snuggle down under the covers, and open my book and read!

Heaven, thats what it is!


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me go tok

hihi everybody
its darina
I wanted come say hi
so helo helo to yu al
wat yu doin?
its midle of the nite here
nitro is asleep but im not
nitro is snoring
he a funy doggie
I don’t snore
lest I no think I do
mabe I do and I don’t know it ha
I hungree now
wish I had a cookie
or som choclat
that wuld be nise I fink
carol anne says I got to go bed soon
and we hav to try to sleep
so I going say good nite now
love you all
darina ballerina I six

The depression lingers

im still feeling very depressed. i am just finding today rough. not sure whats going on with me if I am honest. its hard though and it feels awful. its actually horrendous.
i dont feel like i can be around people. i tried watching tv with my dad. i couldnt do it. i just had to escape to the bedroom. i had to be alone, well i had nitro, i wouldnt be without him. he snuggled close to me. actually when my dad took him out to the living room he didnt want to stay there, he wanted to come back in to the bedroom to me. what a loyal pup he is.
i suppose part of this could be our therapists upcoming vacation. we’ve been thinking a lot about it. so yes partly the sadness and aloneness and depressed feelings could be down to that. im sure we’ll end up talking a lot about it tomorrow with her.
for tonight though i think i just have to keep a low profile. stay in my bedroom, and do things that dont require a lot of brain power. just try to be kind to myself i suppose.

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