Finally, slept in!

Well after I wrote my earlier post about not sleeping in, I decided that I was going to lay on the recliner, so at around 8 AM I put the computer away and lay down.
I slept a little bit, I had the radio on and I just dozed on and off.
Then at around 9 AM Nitro wanted to go out so I let him out and then I was like fuck it, I’m going back to bed, I need more sleep and if I go to bed I’ll have some hope of getting it.
So in to bed I went. I left my phone in the kitchen, And I did sleep. Only waking just after 11. Its almost 12 now and I feel much, much better having gotten the extra rest.
So now I know, that if I have patience, it will usually happen and I will sleep.
Patience is key!