Long night

I slept for a few hours, but I kept waking up because I kept hearing people in the hallways shouting. Mom slept all night. She has been waking a little for a minute or two but she’s been mostly asleep. I am hopeful tomorrow she will be fully better, she said she feels wrecked, and I’m not surprised at that at all. I think I managed to get about four hours of sleep. I lay down at around 9 PM, by the time I got to sleep it was about 10:30. I woke up again at about 1:45. I’ll probably stay up now. I dont think I can get back to sleep. 3 or 4 hours does me anyway, so I’m not too worried if I dont go back to sleep. I woke up so thirsty, thank god for diet coke! I had two bottles of it and have almost finished them! The room feels so warm, we have the wondow open but the room still feels very muggy. Dont really know what we’re doing today, it really depends on how well mom is. Its going to be a long night I think. All is quiet outside now though in the hallway I mean. So thats good at least.

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Nights suck

I cant sleep. I took my meds hours ago. I thought the prazosin would knock me out. I only take 3 mg of it, but as I said I haven’t been consistently taking it, I just started back taking it tonight. So I really thought that when I did take it I’d be out like a light. No such luck though. I’m still wide awake. I feel agitated, and edgy. My mind is racing. My thoughts are whirling and spinning. I just feel restless. I cannot seem to slow down. It is an awful feeling. I just want to sleep! I know I’ll be exhausted in the morning if I only get an hour or two or three tonight. This morning I woke early…I woke at 6 AM. I got up for an hour, but then at 7 I went back to bed and I slept again until 9 when mom woke me for breakfast. After eating breakfast I went right back to bed for another hour. Last night was pretty similar to tonight in that I couldn’t go to sleep. I was up late, I didn’t go to bed until after 1 AM. Looks like tonight will be similar for me. Well I think I’ll shut the laptop off now and read for a while. I started a new book. Its called asking for it and is by Louise O’neill. She’s an irish writer. The book is supposed to be good. Its about a girl a teenager who got raped and then the fall out from the rape that’s what the story is based on. Its fiction. I don’t normally read fiction but this looks good so I decided to read it. Well good night everyone, I hope you sleep well when you do eventually go to bed.

Early night last night and what I am doing on this Friday!

So I went to bed super early last night. Like at 8:30. Thats unheard of for me!
I couldnt go to sleep for ages. But eventually I managed to get to sleep. Only to be awoken by nitro a few hours later, he wanted on my bed! I let him and we snuggled down and both fell back to sleep again!
I woke up at 4:30. I got up, made coffee…and am now online doing some stuff organising my media, downloading some books etc.
I am planning on taking a shower soon. I love the early morning time, when no one else seems to be up. I have the radio on. I am enjoying the music. My PA will be here at 9 AM. We’re going to the gym and I need to go get my money out for the week also.
Im also going volunteering today…this afternoon. Then I will be doing my normal thing, and going to my parents for the weekend. Im waiting on some cheques to come in the mail. Cheques for the things I got funded for, like my macbook, a new cooker, etc. They were supposed to come this week, the guy told me they’d be here before christmas, so if not this week then hoping for next week. I’d like to get my macbook for christmas!
Anyway. I hope your all having a good start to your friday!

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Thursdays here!

6:20 AM. I am up. i woke at around 5:30. I was so tired last night when I came home from slimming world. I ate dinner and then I fell into bed. I had turned on my heating to warm up the house. I fell asleep with the heat on thats how tired I was. Woke up around 2 AM and was roasted, so turned it off. Was then able to go straight back to sleep. My phone dinging didnt even wake me up!
I am going to the basement club this morning. I will spend the day in there. I am hosting lunch from 1-2 with my friend denise. So thats my plan for today. I’ll probably go in around 9:30.
Happy thursday everyone!
carol anne

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couldnt sleep so decided to get up. hate that when i want to sleep but cant. its so annoying.
I went to bed around midnight. I managed a few hours of sleep but woke a couple times during the night.
Eventually I got hungry at around 5 AM, managed to stay in bed until 6, then hunger got the better of me.
So now, am up for the day. My dads still in bed. I doubt he will get up until after 8.

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Coming up on 1 AM

we’re still up and awake. at almost 1 AM.
Shirley went to bed at 11, she did manage to fall asleep but only slept for a few minutes. woke up in a weird headspace. feeling kinda spacy. and anxious. nothing new there we were anxious for most of this evening.
should really try to get some shut eye but no point, doubt I will until I am absolutely shattered and even then I doubt we get much sleep tonight.
some of the kids in the system are up as well. something spooked a few of them. they wont tell me what it was though. they are just acting very skittish.
All I can do is keep reassuring them. I put on some relaxation music. I might also read for a while in a little bit.
I got a little bit hungry so I ate some fruit. Its so lonely being the only person in the house awake.

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#SoCs sup?

s’up, yall?
its Monday here already. Where on earth did Sunday go?
I spent my day lazing around my parents house. Feeling hot and sweaty. Trying to stay cool.
No matter what I did though, cool I was not feeling.
Dad cooked us a lovely dinner which I hungrily ate.
I read for a while. Not long though. I was too lazy to sit and finish my book. So I went online, and read blogs, and email. I got caught up on email but not on blog posts.
I talked to two friends on the phone. That took up about 2 hours. We had a great catch up.
I played with the dogs. Those dogs are a hoot. My dads looking after my sisters two pugs, man are they a handful. They’re so spoiled. Of course every time he goes out of the room and comes back, he has a biscuit for them. So not only are they spoiled but they’ll be getting fat too.
I just made coffee and am sipping it while I write this. It will be or should be bedtime soon for me but well I doubt I’ll go to bed tonight, I’m just too hot to sleep.
So how about ya’ll, s’up with you?

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