Sitting together

Gently softly
I tread
Not wanting
To disturb my dog
He’s snoring peacefully
As I make my morning coffee
I think to myself
How amazing are dogs
All they want is love
They are loyal beyond belief
They will never fail to love you
I know
My dog loves me
And all he wants
Is some loving
In return
Good morning, Nitro!
As we sit together
And I drink my frothy drink
I cuddle and snuggle
Into his soft fur

#Write photo, cascade

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a hidden waterfall, surrounded by high rocky banks and trees, cascading into a dark pool.

In the form
Of a waterfall
Cascading down
Making a wonderous sound
As it flows
Into a dark pool below
I sit, on the hillside
Watching it flow
Mezmorised by its beauty