Got my hair done!

So my migraine is gone! Yay!
Mom colored my hair for me. Its just a box color but it turned out great. It looks really good. I’m pleased with how it turned out.
Now mom and my sister are upstairs wrapping presents and writing out christmas cards.
I have my weigh in later this evening. I decided that I wont eat dinner until I’m done being weighed. I did eat lunch, I had a sandwich and an apple. I normally dont eat a lot on weigh in day.

Its going to be a busy morning

Tomorrow morning will be a busy one for me. My PA Frances is coming to moms house at 8:40 to pick me up. She’ll take me to my gp’s where surgery the practice nurse will take bloods from me. They are routine bloods, I get them done once a year. I am hoping they’ll be fine, and that nothing is amiss with them. I wont know the results for a few days though. It will probably be early next week before I’ll have any results.

After that I am going to the beauticians to get waxing done and I will also get my nails done. My nails are currently done, so I need to get the nail polish soaked off before some new shilac can be applied. I dont know what color I want. I’ll ask the girl doing them for her advice. I’m sure she’ll tell me what looks good or whats popular right now color wise.

I also need to get a few groceries, but I think when I am getting my nails done, I’ll ask my PA Frances to go get the bits I need, to save time.

Beautifying myself

I am off to the beauticians this morning.

I’m getting my nails done and my lip and eyebrows waxed.

I’m getting shillac on my nails. I dont know what colour I want yet, I am going to wait and see what they have on offer when I get there.

My mom is taking me, and while I get them done she’s going to go do a few things that she needs to do and then she’ll come back and pick me up again.

I’m getting them done because I am going away for the weekend to Killarney. I havent had my nails done in a while now, so it will be nice to get them done again. I like it when people admire them.

I’ll post a pic later of them!