The scars on your face, the pain when you smile and the shame in your eyes – it is temporary πŸ™


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via The scars on your face, the pain when you smile and the shame in your eyes – it is temporary πŸ™

Carol anne asks…

Do you wear makeup?
My answer, I do occasionally, but not every day.

I wear it when I am going out. For special occasions. On nights out mom or my sister will do my makeup. I’ve never gotten it done professionally. Have you?

I like wearing it, but I hate when I have to come in from a night out and wash it all off, its so time consuming.

How about you? Do you wear it?

Lets Teach our daughters…

Let’s teach our daughters it’s not about being beautiful. Teach them to be bold. Be silly. Be strong. Be confident. Be independent and intelligent. Be brave and be fierce. Be real, in a world full of fake. Let’s redefine beauty.
Pooja Pawar



sitting here
happy as can be
hair all done
feel so beautiful
dark brown
blow dried to perfection
or to my perfection
pretty as a picture
or so I think
Doing this one thing
Has made me feel great
As I celebrate international womens day today
I think…
Us women
We should treat ourselves more often
Self care is so important


Fun with my hair

This morning my mom is going to put a color in my hair! I have a lot of greys showing through! I hate that! I’m only 38 for gods sake! The reason I have greys is that I am so dark, my natural hair color is black!

I’m putting brown in though. Dark brown.

It will bring my hair up nicely! Its just a box color, but I generally only use box colors as the salon is so expensive! Its about 80 to 100 euro for a color these days!


did you know? Its Hemlock day today

Did you know?
That today is Hemlock Day? This day celebrates the fashion statement made by legendary Taffy Hemlock, who attached padlocks [hemlocks] to the hems of her skirt to prevent winds from lifting her skirts (thus allowing her ankles to get freckled).