Well as you know, I went to the beach for the afternoon. It was lovely there. The weather was so good. It was absolutely gorgeous. We had so much fun. We sat on the sand for about 2 hours, while the kids played, then we walked the length of the beach. Overall we walked about 2 miles, it was great. I am happy as I got my exercise in for the day.

I came home a little while ago and had dinner. Then I took a shower. And then I tackled my college work. I’m all done with one part of it now. My introductory part for our presentation on wednesday is done and I am very happy with how it turned out.

I emailed it on to my friend, and we are going tomorrow to meet the coordinator at the basement club, so we’ll finish the bulk of the work for it over the next 2 days and present it on wednesday morning.

And then once wendesday is over, we’re done with class for the summer! Yay! Just waiting on grades, but no more class until september, there is one more assignment to hand up, our learning journal, thats due in next week.

So I’ve been very productive today! And I am delighted with how my day went!

I hope you all had a good sunday! And, happy mothers day to all the moms in the USA and wherever else it is mothers day today!


from emily, beach trip maybe?

It is me em!
how are you all?
we was meant to be going out tomorrow. to the beach. now im not sure if we are going or not.
our niece is in Dublin for the weekend, with her cousins. our nephew is going out with their other cousins.
so if we go it’ll be just mom, my sister and me.
I hope we do get to go! I wanna see if I can find some pretty shells!
I like the beach. I like the ocean.
I like listening to the sound of it. the smell of it is nice too.
I asked if we could take nitro but mom said no. she said he’d get all sand on his fur and then we’d need to bath him so she said it’d be just easier if we don’t take him!
that’s sad! I wish he could come! I wanted to get pictures of us together on the beach!
im realy hoping we go. im looking forward to it.
the weather is good, not realy sunny but just a little bit. if it doesn’t rain we can sit with our lunch and have a picnic lunch on the beach!
that’ll be fun!
butterfly hugs
loves you,
emily, age 12

Changing our plans!

i thought we were going to go out today to the beach. my sister had said she might go to the beach and mom and me thought if she was going we’d go too. we were going to walk on the beach, weather is good here today, no rain, no ice or snow, just cold but dry…
anyway now we’re not going. or we think we arent. my sister said the kids want to stay home. since our niece got her i phone she doesnt want to go anywhere, lol, she cant leave the damn phone out of her hand…
so its doubtful we’re going now…so i will just chill out here at mom and dads house instead. I am still tired anyway from last night. I might read later on this afternoon. Other than that not much going on…


#whatif prompt 30th august

Today’s prompt over at what if we all cared is:

best spot in my town


Well I live in a big city, I live in cork, which is in the south of ireland.

There are many great spots in cork. I love my city.

There are many tourist attractions. And many beaches. Its hard to just pick one.

My favourite beach is inchadonnie, not sure I am spelling it right, but, the sand there is super soft, it is beautiful there. Very peaceful too.

I also love the local parks in my city. I like to take nitro walking in them. There are a few big ones in the city, like fitzgeralds park, and ballincollig regional park.

Cork has a lot to offer. From concert venues and theatres, to parks, beaches, art galleries, and more. You’d never run out of things to do in cork.


going on a day trip

tomorrow my family and I are going on a day trip. To a local beach, my sisters also going, and her kids too. She is going to take her kids swimming, there is an indoor pool there, the weathers not supposed to be that great this weekend, so she said she’d take the kids swimming. I am not going in the pool though. I think its too much hassle. We’re bringing a picnic lunch, so hoping it stays dry long enough for us to eat it outside. If it stays dry I may go for a walk on the beach. I would like to go for a long walk, I think it’d do me good. Still even if the weathers bad I am going to enjoy myself. I love going on days out. My aunt and cousin are also going with us. I’d say we’ll be gone the entire day.
carol anne


helo everybudy

Helo. It is darina here. How everbudy be?

I had fun at the beech yesterday

I didn’t get ta play in the sand tho

It was too cold

Well the sun did shine, but we didn’t hav towels so we culdnt get wet

But we did hav a picnic on the beech

Dat was fun

Yu lik picnics? Wats yur fave picnic food?

We had corned beef samwiches with hot sauce on them

And a bag of skips

And fruit and a drink

Mom brot a flask of tea

It was cool to drink tea I like tea

We saw a cave! That was cool!


We wen in ther


We weren’t even afraid!

I bet yu all wuld hav be proud of me!

I waned to collect shells

But nobody wuld help me do it

I did had a fun day tho it was jus so cool to go to the beech

I lik weekends wher we do things

I fink that’s so fun


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had a Fab day at the beach today

really enjoyed my day at the beach. just got home half an hour ago. it was a scorture of a day. OMG the heat. it was unbearable. around 23 or 24 c all day with no breeze.
we got the bus to the beach. we were going to go to county waterford which is 2 hours away on the bus. but then we decided to stay closer to home, and stay in cork, so the beach we went to was only an hour away by bus.
the bus was stifling hot. OMG it was so humid. there was no air or air conditioning on it. no windows were open either. mom and me we literally couldnt wait to get off.
once we were off the bus we walked the prominade, and half way along it we sat down on a bench and had some tea and sandwiches. we’d had no breakfast only some fruit so we were starving.
after we ate we saw an ice cream van so we went and got an icecream cone each from it. thats my second ice cream cone this week, tomorrow and wednesday I’ll have to do tons of exercise to make up for eating unhealthy foods today and last week at bloom.
we walked the length of the prominade and then we sat on the beach for an hour or two, the sand was so hot, we both also got sunburned, its only now after coming home I realised i was burned, my arms and the top of my chest are all red and feel hot to the touch.
in the afternoon i asked mom if she’d like to go to the bar and sit inside out of the heat for a while, she said she would so we went and sat indoors and i got diet coke and I got mom a drink and we sat chatting for a while.
it was nice to get in out of the heat.
we were going to have some food in the bar but they said there would be a 45 minute wait so we decided not to bother, we decided to go to a store that had a delli counter in it and get something there instead. we ate in the store because there were tables and chairs in there.
then at 4 pm we got the bus home. the bus wasnt due to come until 25 past 4 but it came at 4 10 so we hopped on it. luckily on the bus home the air conditioning was on. it was so nice. a nice cool breeze and it felt really good.
we got back to mom and dads house around 6 pm. i’m exhausted now. not tired as in i want to go to sleep tired but just wrecked from the heat.
im happy though. its been a really nice day out.