Car trouble

So yesterday mom and my sister and my sisters 2 kids and me went to the beach, we had fun, but my niece stayed in the car for most of the time, she’s 13, and she didnt really want to go with us.
When we were ready to go home, my sister tried to start the car, but she couldnt. The battery was dead. My niece had left the car running and she had her phone plugged in and the battery ran down.
We didnt know what to do at first. A lady pulled in to the car park, and my sister got out and asked her if she had jump leads to start the car, luckily she did, her dad was also with her and as my sister didnt know how to use jump leads the ladys dad helped us out.
After 3 turns they managed to start the car, we were all so relieved.
My niece got very upset because her dad was giving her a hard time since she was the one who left the car running. But it was just a mistake, so my sister told her partner to stop lecturing my niece.
Luckily it all worked out and we got home safely. I was exhausted when we got home so I went straight to bed, and I slept for 9 hours, at least thats what my fitbit told me.