In the night

In the Night

The room is still,

Fan on high

Despite winters chill

Ill sleep

If I can.

Theres nothing

I wouldnt do

For some rest,

And pleasant dreams too.

I seek in the darkness

What I cant find

In the light.

I look toward the future,

All through the night.

The past comes back

To haunt me.

I delve deeper,

To see what I can see.

Flash backs are dream backs.

They chase my every move.

I wake up to escape them.

Ive got nothing to prove.

In the night

I awaken,

My sheets soaking wet

From sweat.

There are daemons in the closet

And everythings a threat.

To find peace,

I calm myself inside.

I realize that dreams

Have taken me for a ride.

In the past I will not dwell,

It brings up nightmares,

A living hell.

In the dreamtime I have power,

To wake from the tortures

Of the darkest hour.

I lie awake

Let reality flood in,

Make no mistake,

This nightly battle,