batin down the hatches!

So the storm is almost here! The news said by midnight the winds would be really strong and there would be a massive amount of rainfall!
I am so glad to be at mom and dads house!
I think its gonna be a looong night!
I am safe though and thats what matters!
I hope there wont be too much damage from the storm. Today the sun was shining, it was 21 degrees C here! So the calm really did come before the storm!
Anyway, I’m sure the howling winds will keep me up, so I will prepare for a night of little to no sleep!
How are the storms in the USA now?
Spain had a massive one too and 8 people died in it!
I hope nobody dies in our storm!
carol anne


A storm is approaching

A storm is coming! It will hit ireland tomorrow.

I hope the internet doesnt go out! I would hate that!

It is supposed to be worst in the west of ireland, I live in the south of the country. So maybe we’ll escape the worst of it.

We’re meant to get high winds and rain, lots of rain…

I wont be going out tomorrow thats for sure! Although I think its not meant to hit until thursday evening and then last all day on friday. I do need to go out on friday though.

So who knows I may actually have to walk in the heavy rain! I wonder if the wind is loud if I’ll be kept awake during the night on thursday night?

I hope not!


#whatif prompt 9.18.2018

Today’s prompt over at what if we all cared is:

because I love you . .
Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

Oh Nitro
My sweet companion
My sweet boy
My fluffy friend
You are so scared today
Scared of the bad storm out there
So I hug you tight
Pat your fur
Because I love you
I want you to be safe
And feel secure
Secure in the knowledge
That it will be all ok
I will be here
I will take care of you
So don’t worry boy
We’re gonna be ok
Today will pass
The weather will get better
And until then
Come cuddle with me on the bed instead

#whatif prompt September 19th

Today’s prompt over at what if we all cared is:

winter whimpering

Yes! A very apt prompt for me today.

Winter whimpering, that is what I am doing!

Whimpering because its winter 😛

Really though, the weather is shocking! It is so bad out there!

I’m not kidding you! And I have to go out in it again later this evening, big sigh!

A little rhyme to go with the day…

Whimpering in winter
Oh do you hear me?
I’m tired of this storm
Tired as can be!
I wish it would end
Go away, disappear
Then and only then
I’ll be full of good cheer!

Stay safe anyone caught in any storms!

Bank holiday weekend

i’m at my parents house for the weekend. this weekends a bank holiday weekend here in ireland. not going to do much. not sure the weathers going to be good. there is an orange status weather warning for tonight, they said heavy rain and a lot of thunder and lightning, hope they’re wrong, otherwise I will be up all night with nitro. My sisters gone camping, she left today after lauren came out of school. She is gone to a country called carlow, a camp site there, on a farm, fun times, right? i hope they’ll enjoy their weekend, and thats another reason why i hope the weather is good and they were wrong about the bad weather. my pa came earlier and helped me clean my house. she changed my b ed, vacumed, mopped all the floors, washed dishes, ironed, dusted, etc etc. so now i have a nice clean house when i go home. i love fresh sheets, it’ll be nice to get into a freshly made bed. eileen texted me a little bit ago. we usually have therapy on monday but this next week it will be on thursday, thats due to the bank holiday. i’m glad she was able to fit me in on another day. you should have seen nitro when i got here he jumped all over me, i think he really missed me the past 2 days…i was also really happy to see him again. guys this is really bad but, im still reading a book i started weeks ago, i need to finish it this weekend, i really really want to review it and finishe it so hoping i will do it tonight or tomorrow.



Last night, we had the most horrendous storm I’ve ever heard. It was really bad.

Nitro was so nervous. He was panting like crazy and shaking like a leaf. I tried to soothe him as best as I could. I patted him and even brought him on the bed with me to snuggle up.

Someone once told me you shouldnt make a huge fuss of a dog in a storm, but I was hardly going to leave him pant and shake and stand in a corner terrified.

It lasted about 2 hours. From about 1 AM until about 3 AM.

I dont know if there was any lasting damage from it. No wonder I am wiped out today, it took me ages to go to sleep once it finished up.

Its like a winter wonderland outside

good morning guys

the snow is thick on the ground outside. it is so deep. I stuck my head outside when I let nitro out. there is an eary silence out there. we’re under a status red weather warning until 6 pm tonight. could be longer depends on if the snow keeps falling. storm emma still hasn’t arrived. but they are saying that its coming later today. there is going to be gale force winds. so it looks like i’ll be hibernating for the day. staying indoors wrapped up warm. I just turned my heating on and made some tea. it is still early not 9 AM yet. my pa was supposed to come tonight but I doubt she can come now. that’s understandable though.