well, damn! now i wont be able to sleep tonight. i came upstairs after dinner and i lay down on the bed. i was intending on calling a few people. i called my mom and talked to her. then i decided to wait a couple minutes before calling my friend. next thing i know i woke up 2 hours later! and its 8 PM! and now I’ll be awake all night! I could kick myself. i made some tea, drank that and then let nitro out. my back is hurting tonight. i think its all the walking i’ve done lately. its my lower back. a muscular pain, i’ll just keep an eye on it. now i’m just catching up on some blog posts.
carol anne

I have an awesome mom!

ok so my mom is really awesome, even though she said I was a whiner a little bit ago. she just did something lovely for me. i told her my back really hurts, and after giving me a painkiller she asked me if I’d like a hot water bottle to put on my back to ease the pain and so i said yes to that and she went and made me one. then she brought me extra pillows so now i am sitting up on the bed with two pillows at my back and a hot water bottle too. the heat is really helping my muscles to relax and i am hoping they will be less tensed up with the hot water bottle surrounding that area. mom said that if its not gone by monday that i should take the vivamo i have at home, they were from the last visit to my gp, he gave me vivamo to take the inflamation down and i have about 5 left so can take those. i am going away next weekend to killarney in co. kerry and i dont want this to be an issue during my trip or it will be spoiled. so i will do all i can to get rid of this pain before then.

I think I put my back out

my back is really sore and painful today. i think i’ve pulled it. probably from all the exercising i’ve been doing. when i bend forward it hurts. when i am sitting if i sit a certain way or try to straighten out my legs too far it hurts. getting out of bed hurts too. its a sort of shooting pain. not pleasant. i’ve taken a strong pain killer for the pain. hopefully that will work. i hope it doesnt make me go to sleep. i was going to drink a cup of coffee to make sure i didnt fall asleep but mom said that it probably wouldnt be a good idea to drink coffee and take painkillers as well. so i’m having tea instead. the pain has been there for 3 days, but i ignored it until today. its my lower back thats effected. i’m hoping its just a muscular thing and it will come right on its own given a day or two resting. i am not good with pain, i dont tolerate it well. i’d never be a good chronic pain patient. i’m just a very bad patient. my mom says i am a moan and a whiner. i’m like thanks very much i love you too. lol. i’m just gonna try to ignore it and do other stuff for the evening and hope it settles down soon.

Fridays here yay!

i had a great nights sleep last night. i did wake at around 2 AM but I was able to go back to sleep. Thank goodness I was. This morning I felt tired upon waking and didnt want to get up. Eventually I did get up however when my mom called me. I’m at the basement club now doing my 2 hours of volunteering. I managed to be really productive and get all the sign in sheets for the last 10 days completed. I had a little help from one of the other members which was nice. I’ll stay here until around 4 PM. There is community catch up in the afternoon which I’ll attend. I’m going to mom and dads later this afternoon for the weekend. Its mothers day here in ireland this coming sunday. We are going out tomorrow night in celebration of that. We are going for a meal and some drinks. It will be myself, mom, my sister, and some of my aunts and cousins. I’m looking forward to going out. I probably wont drink though since I’m working so hard on my weight loss and dont want to ruin it by consuming alcohol. Speaking of weight loss, I did 20 minutes on the treadmill last night. I was very proud of myself. I’ve put my back out this morning though, pulled one of my muscles getting out of bed. Its very sore and is twinging a lot. I’ll try to do some back exercises later to help right it and hopefully they will work.

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GP visit. back pain

so i went to my gp. my back was so sore that i decided i couldnt manage any longer with just heat pads and over the counter pain relief. so i made the appointment yesterday afternoon.
my pa kristen took me this morning. it wasnt my regular gp because he was too busy to see me so i had to see his partner but that was ok. he had a med student in with him. it must be the time of year for med students since dr. barry had one too with her last week. anyway.
I told him how the pain was and what it was like. he examined my back and said my lower back muscles seemed really tense and tight and it looked like somehow i’d done something to them. i must have, because i cant bend over without there being a lot of pain, i cant sit up after lying down without shooting pain going down my back, and when i am just sitting the pain is there too. its a constant.
anywho he gave me anti inflamitories. for a week. i am to take them twice a day with food. he told me they might upset my stomach but so far they havent. altho i’ve only taken one tablet.
he said if i am not better after a week that i need to go back to see him. i’m glad i went. i was worried that something could be really wrong with my back, but now that its just muscle pain i am not so worried anymore.

Put my back out

I’m in a lot of pain. I’ve put my back out. It’s really really painful. Every time I move the pain is excruciating. I can bend over and dressing myself this morning was really difficult. I read an appointment to go to my GP in the morning. I hope you can give me something to relax my muscles. I think it’s a muscle thing but I’m not sure. I’ve been using heating pads and taking over-the-counter pain relief. Nothing is working. It just feels so bad and awful and I feel like crying. I have cancelled somewhat of my activities for the week. I need to rest. I will go to therapy today though. I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I logs will see Doctor Barry on Wednesday. Wouldn’t miss that appointment either. Their apartment appointments and I need to go to them. If some of this is coming out wrong its because I’m using my phone to dictate. I hope everyone is having a good day.

In a lot of pain right now

I’m in a lot of pain at the moment. My back is hurting bad. I think I did something to it when I turned in bed. Its really sore. I can barely walk without being in excruciating pain. I cant bend over either. It feels awful and I am kinda miserable. It hasnt stopped me from doing the things I had to do today though. I still went to my dr. Barry apt. I will go to my womens group later this evening too. I got my sister to go to the store and get me some pain relief. I just took two tablets so hopefully that will help matters.