Baby names I love!

So I thought I’d do a post about the names I love, and if I had a child, I would call said child.

Sometimes, when some insiders here don’t already have a name, they like to go look up names, and pick one of their own.


For a girl I like…

Emily, mia, brook, fay, lexi, taylor, Hannah, adelle, abby

For a boy I like…

lewis, harry, connor, dean, ryan, adam, Tristan, Jacob, Edward

I’ll never be able to have a child myself, but having insiders with some of these names is cool I think.

What names do you like?

Book review-battered, broken, healed by Maggie Hartley

Just finished another amazing fostering memoir by Maggie Hartley. I have to say I couldnt put it down. The book was so addictive, a page turner from beginning to end.
The book summary is below…

When six-week-old Jasmine is placed with foster carer Maggie Hartley, Maggie is delighted to have a baby in the house again. Jasmine has been taken into care over fears for her safety after the police are called to the family’s home several times following her birth. Her mother, Hailey, vehemently denies that anything is wrong, however, and social services allow her to have daily supervised visits with Jasmine.

Baby Jasmine is a joy to be around, but Maggie suspects that all is not quite as it seems with her mum. Maggie struggles to draw timid and extremely quiet Hailey out of her shell and fears that she may be suffering with postnatal depression.

Then one day Hailey arrives for the contact session with her hair streaked with blood and her body covered in bruises. Breaking down, a terrified Hailey admits that she is being abused by her violent husband and is too afraid to leave him.

Maggie realises that the only way mother and daughter will be reunited is if Hailey admits what’s going on behind closed doors and leaves her husband. But after years of physical and psychological abuse, that’s easier said than done….

Like i said this book is an incredible read. You wont be disappointed if you pick it up. Its available in paperback, in audio from audible and on kindle.


My current book

i must say i am really enjoying the book i am currently reading.

its a new maggie hartley foster care memoir. its really great!

its called battered, broken healed, and is about a 4 month old baby that is taken into care, not sure yet what is the reasons other than failure to thrive, as i am only on chapter 7 of the book, but its really good!

a page turner for sure! off to read some more now!


Book review: Too young to be a mum by Maggie Hartley

I just finished an amazing foster care memoir. It was called too young to be a mum and is written by UK foster parent Maggie hartley.

The book description is below.

Fifteen-year-old Jess arrives at the home of foster mother Maggie Hartley straight from the hospital where she’s given birth to her son, Jimmy. Scared and alone, Jess is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Unable to live with her own mother, a prostitute, and removed from the home of her childhood sweetheart, Darren, Jess is overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for a newborn whilst still little more than a child herself.

Maggie knows that Jess is desperate to reunite with Darren and to be a good mum to their son. Can Maggie help Jess keep her baby, and will the family ever be able to live together again?


This book is a fantastic read. I highly recommend it. There are lots of twists and turns, and its definitely a page turner.

I laughed, and I cried during this book.

You wont be disappointed, I can promise you that. If you’ve never read a foster care memoir this one by Maggie hartley is really excellent.

You can get this book from audible, on kindle, or in paperback from all good book stores.


Book review-too young to be a mum, by maggie hartley

Too Young to Be a Mum

Can Jess learn to be a good mummy when she is only a child herself?


When 16-year-old Jess arrives on foster carer Maggie Hartley’s doorstep with her newborn son, Jimmy, she has nowhere else to go. Arriving straight from the hospital, having just given birth, Jess is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Scared, alone, and practically a child herself, she is overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for a newborn without the support of a loving family or her beloved boyfriend.

With social services threatening to take baby Jimmy into care, Jess knows that Maggie is her only chance of keeping her son. Maggie can see that Jess loves her boyfriend and wants to be a good mother to her son. Can Maggie help Jess learn to become a mum? Will the family ever be allowed to live together?

My thoughts…

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the reader of the audio book did a really great job and I liked her style and how she read. The book is fast paced and kept me interested. I love all foster care memoirs, and this one doesnt disappoint. I would highly recommend it.

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Book review-Can I let you go by Cathy Glass

i’ve just finished reading cathy glass’s latest book. its called can i let you go, a heartbreaking story of love, loss and moving on. it was just released last week and is an incredible read. this book is a little different from the usual types of foster care memoirs that cathy writes. it tells fays story. fay is 24 and has learning difficulties due to having foetal alcohol syndrome. she comes to live with cathy after becoming pregnant. up until now she has been living with her grandparents stan and wilma, but now that she is pregnant they are having difficulty coping. they have limited mobility and need a lot of help and cant manage to take fay to her antinatal appointments. no one knows who the father of fays baby is, she says its a secret. but she hardly ever goes out alone, so no one knows how she could have managed to become pregnant. she comes to live with cathy and her family when she is six months pregnant. at first fay is completely in denial about her baby and even about being pregnant. she tells cathy that she must not talk about that. her gran and grandpa dont talk about it either. cathy feels like this is very unhealthy. eventually becky who is fays social worker talks to fay and encourages her to try to talk to cathy. it turns out she is afraid of hurting her grandparents and this is why she isnt talking about her pregnancy. after the chat with becky she does open up more and begins to talk about her baby and the pregnancy. after a few weeks she has an antinatal appointment and when its over she tells cathy that she wants to keep her baby. before it was felt that once the baby was born it would be placed for adoption. cathy is surprised that fay wants to keep her baby and so is her social worker. her social worker says that although fay has learning disabilities and might not be capable of looking after a child, that she has rigts and she has to be given the same chance at parenting her baby as a person who doesnt have disabilities. so becky does some searching and offers fay a place at a specialist mother and baby unit. once her baby is born fay will go to the unit for six months and be assessed to see if she can parent her child. becky asks cathy to try to teach her some skills while she is with her so cathy throws herself into teaching fay how to hold, feed, change, bath, and play with a new baby. eventually fay goes into labour and has her baby. cathy and her grandmother wilma are with her for the birth. but once the baby is born fay doesnt try to look after it. she takes no interest in the baby. becky again asks cathy to try to talk to fay. and when she does fay tells her that she’s made up her mind and that she wants her baby to go for adoption. that its the best thing for him because she just cant learn and remember things and that she doesnt feel she can look after him. she says she wants whats best for him and wants to give him the best chance in life. she asks cathy to be with her the next morning when she has to hand her baby over to a foster carer. it is heartbreaking and very sad but cathy is with her when this happens. then fay returns to live with her grandparents again. the baby goes first to foster care and is then placed for adoption. after fay returns to live with stan and wilma, cathy visits to drop some xmas presents off and fays belongings. while she is there a neighbour lewis who is 19 helps her bring the bags up to the grandparents flat. when cathy leaves to go home, he is waiting in the lobby for her. and he reveals that he may be the father of fays baby. cathy is very surprised to hear this and immediately tells becky the news. in the end it is felt that lewis and his family cant bring up the baby so he goes to a couple that cant have kids. this book was an incredibly sad and moving sread. I cried many times throughout the book as I am sure you will too if you read it. It is one of cathys best books to date. I hope if you read it you enjoy it as much as I did.

Book review-Unexpected, a short story, by Rosie lewis

I’ve just finished another fabulous book by Rosie Lewis, this is another of her short stories.
Ellen, who is 28, has just given birth to a baby. She never knew she was pregnant. 2 days after the birth she abandons her baby, and the baby is taken into foster care. Rosie takes over care of the newborn who is named hope after the paramedic who delivered her.
At first rosie cant imagine why any mother would abandon their baby. The midwife had said that she thought Ellen had post traumatic stress disorder, that some mothers after a difficult labour sometimes got diagnosed with the disorder.
a couple of weeks after Rosie starts looking after Hope, Ellen starts to visit and she has access to hope for 2 hours a day. At first she is very afraid to do anything with her baby, she doesnt pick her up, she doesnt even want to look at her. She’s happy to do jobs for Rosie like folding baby clothes, making bottles etc. But she doesnt want to bond with her baby, she cant seem to do that, something is holding her back.
Eventually after a couple of weeks Hopes social worker Graham says they are looking to have Hope adopted. He thinks Ellen is trouble and despite Rosie trying to speak on Ellens behalf plans go ahead to have Hope adopted. Rosie decides that she will have to do something drastic or Ellen could lose hope forever.
One day while Ellen is visiting the phone starts ringing and rosie makes a snap decision to hand Hope to Ellen. It is the start of them bonding. Eventually Ellen opens up to rosie about her past and her childhood. It turns out Ellens mother abused her, she beat her and starved her and verbally abused her. Ellens father was distant and worked long hours. Ellen also tells rosie that her older sister made allegations that her father had sexually abused her. She tells Rosie she is a horrible person and she should not be allowed to keep Hope. She says she cant look after her that she is afraid she will do what her mother did. Rosie encourages her and tells her that she is not her mother and she can love Hope and give her all the things that she never had as a child.
Over the next few weeks the bond between Ellen and hope grows increasingly stronger and stronger. Then Ellen finds out that social services are still planning on having hope adopted. Rosie tells her that she will have to fight to keep her and she must prove to the social workers that she is comitted and wants to keep her daughter. Eventually it turns out that Hope is allowed to go back to her mother, ellen is thrilled.
The book ends with Hope being reunited with her mother and Ellen tells Rosie that if it wasnt for her this never would have happened. The epilogue says that Hope is now 9 and Rosie and Ellen stayed in touch after Ellen got Hope back. Mark Ellens boyfriend who had broken up with her at the start of the book was now back on the scene and the couple stayed together and brought hope up together.
This is a really good book. I loved it. It was well written and would be a good read for foster parents, social workers, abuse survivors, or just anyone who likes true life stories.