well Gees!

Its so cooold!
I am like, freezing!
My toes feel like a block of ice!
I am going to go make a nice hot cup of tea!I need it to warm myself up!
I put socks on, but my nice fleecy slipper socks are at home. I dont think I have a pair at mom and dads! Le sigh!
Now that its not raining, or windy, I’m glad, but man is it ever cold! The heating has been on in the house for hours!
I hope it warms back up tomorrow! I know its almost the end of oct, but I am not ready for winter yet!

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#whatif prompt 9.21.18

Today’s prompt:

🍁falling leaves 🍂
Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.
Seasons are changing
autumn is coming
that means
falling leaves
they crunch as you walk
the sound is so lovely
always brings me peace
crunch, crunch
Under my feet
falling leaves
they also look so nice
autumn, my favourite season
Of the year
Is here
And I feel
so much peace
peace and serenity