We’re having visitors to our apartment this afternoon. My aunts two friends are coming down for a visit.
We’ll all have lunch together, its my aunts chicken curry.
She cooked two pots of it yesterday morning! We had it for dinner last night, and it was delicious.
Her friends son is also coming, he’s autistic, he has profound autism.
They’ll all spend a few hours here with us.
I plan on staying in the bedroom after lunch, I want to read and stuff. I don’t really fancy being social.
We’ll be going out tonight and I’m looking forward to that immensely.
For now though I just want to do my own thing!

Book review:A dark secret, by Casey Watson


Just when Casey thinks her foster care duties are done, she’s asked to look after Sam, a troubled nine-year-old with a violent streak who drove his previous guardians to release him of their care. It soon unfolds, however, that this is no simple case.

Determined to get to the root of Sam’s behaviour, Casey is committed to uncover his mysterious past only to find out something far darker than she ever imagined….

Having recently said good-bye to their last foster child, Miller, the Watson family are taking a bit of a break. But it’s while Casey is having fun catching up with her friends that she receives a call from her new link worker. Social services are desperately trying to find a settled home for nine-year-old Sam, who has autism and some serious behavioural problems.

Removed from his mother less than a week ago, Sam has been staying with respite carers. But with two young children of their own, they now find themselves unable to hold on to the little boy as he is bullying them relentlessly. It’s not an isolated situation, either. Apparently Sam’s own siblings begged not to be placed with their older brother – they were both adamant that they were too afraid of him.

The Watsons agree to accommodate Sam, who, despite his tiny stature, turns out to be quite the whirlwind – destroying anything and everything in his path. In addition to the outward behaviours, it quickly becomes evident that there is a much darker past that has blighted the boy’s life. As Casey tries to get to the bottom of it, she discovers there are no files on Sam, only the testament of his previous neighbour. Thankfully, Mrs Gallagher is only too happy to help. And to talk. But it soon transpires that there is a great deal more to Sam’s secret history….

My review…

This was a great read. I got it from audible. Its also available in paperback and on kindle. I didn’t like the reader of the book, but I did enjoy the book.

It was a page turner. The story moved along at a nice pace. It kept me interested all the way through.

While I prefer other foster care authors, I did like this story. I just don’t like caseys writing style all that much, but sams story was good, and had a happy ending which was nice to see.

I would recommend this book if you like fostering memoirs or stories about children who’ve overcome the odds.

You wont be disappointed. Its definitely worth a read.

Inspiring video of the day, Americas got talent, cody lee, blind, autistic, sings and gets the golden buzzer!

This video is incredible! So inspirational! Omg he’s awesome!
Watch and be wowed like I was!

Cousins communion

My little cousin Jake made his first communion today. He’s 8. He’s autistic so his parents had it in the house. The after party I mean. I didnt go though. They were going to have a lot of junk food at it, like pizzas, and other fast food, and I didnt want to eat that. I didnt want to jepordise my weight loss. So I chose not to go to the party. Thats ok though. Instead I had my dad make me a pot of chicken curry and I ate thatj for dinner. And I have to say it was absolutely delicious.
At first I was just going to go to the church, to see him make his communion, and then not go back to the house for the party, but then I figured I wouldnt go to either one. So I sent his card with some money in it with my mom. I’ve talked to mom twice today, she said its all going off ok so thats good. I’m happy his special day is going well for him.


Our day trip

we had a great day out. we went to a local beach. we didnt get to actually go on the beach, because it rained, but we still had fun.
my aunt and cousin and her kids came with mom and my sister and me.
we took the kids swimming, to an indoor pool. they really enjoyed it. i didnt go in swimming, mom and me sat outside the pool drinking coffee instead.
after we were done swimming we ate our lunch, we had to eat it in the car though which was unfortunate. by the time we were having our lunch i was starving!
then we took the kids to a funfair. they had fun there. my cousins child is autistic and he had a meltdown at the funfair because he got overloaded.
it was hard for my cousin to control him. he kicked out at her and hit her as well as screaming, and lots of people were staring, i felt like telling them all to just fuck off.
after all that we decided to just go home. on the way home mom had to stop off to get money out of the ATM for me, and I had to get fruit and stuff for the week also. mom got us all ice creams. the littles were thrilled, they love icecream.
overall it was a really good day. i’m tired now so hoping I’ll sleep well tonight. We’ll see I guess. May read for a while before going to bed to tire my mind out a little more.