Our day trip

we had a great day out. we went to a local beach. we didnt get to actually go on the beach, because it rained, but we still had fun.
my aunt and cousin and her kids came with mom and my sister and me.
we took the kids swimming, to an indoor pool. they really enjoyed it. i didnt go in swimming, mom and me sat outside the pool drinking coffee instead.
after we were done swimming we ate our lunch, we had to eat it in the car though which was unfortunate. by the time we were having our lunch i was starving!
then we took the kids to a funfair. they had fun there. my cousins child is autistic and he had a meltdown at the funfair because he got overloaded.
it was hard for my cousin to control him. he kicked out at her and hit her as well as screaming, and lots of people were staring, i felt like telling them all to just fuck off.
after all that we decided to just go home. on the way home mom had to stop off to get money out of the ATM for me, and I had to get fruit and stuff for the week also. mom got us all ice creams. the littles were thrilled, they love icecream.
overall it was a really good day. i’m tired now so hoping I’ll sleep well tonight. We’ll see I guess. May read for a while before going to bed to tire my mind out a little more.

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to my readers…I need ideas?

so as you my readers all know, I work on friday afternoons with children, in a preschool for kids with special needs.

well its the start of a brand new month, that means me and the other preschool teacher are getting ready to do some new activities with the children.

Each month has a different theme to it, set out by the curriculum that the preschool follows. This month, the theme is growth.

So what I am asking you guys is…

have you got any ideas for activities I can do with the children related to growth? Take into consideration that these kids are between ages 2-5 with most of them being between 2-4 and they have a lot of different issues ranging from sensory issues, to downs syndrome etc.

as an example, the other preschool teacher has already done something with the older age group about the body, and next friday afternoon we will be planting beans with the kids I work with.

so any ideas guys? anyone want to go look on pinterist to help me out?

I’d really appreciate it.

so growth, activities surrounding that theme?
thanks guys!
carol anne

Documentary. Autism and me

I just watched an amazing documentary called autism and me. It was on our irish RTE tv channel. It was really good. It had people who have autism and their carers on it. The people with autism did a fabulous job of explaining what life is like for them every day. If people want to watch it and you have an I device, download the RTE player, its free, you can watch it on there.
Its well worth a look I think.

My new group disabled people united

I created this new list I called it disabled people united. I am hoping it will be a success. Its for anyone with any type of disability to connect and get give support, make new friends, discuss things about disability raise awareness, etc.
anyone with physical, sensory, leanning, or any type of disability can join, also those with chronic pain, mental illnesses, or any type of hidden or invisible disability are eligible to join.
So if you’d like somewhere to talk about things, make new friends, or just raise awareness of disabilityin general, come join us.


Book review-The reason I jump by Naoki Higashida

i just finished a terrific book. its a book about what its like to be autistic. this book is written by a 13 year old boy with autism. Naoki was born in Japan in 1992. He is now an established blogger and author and his book has been translated into many languages. The book follows a question and answer format. It goes inside the mind of an autistic person and gives the reader an insight into why autistic people do certain things, have certain behaviours etc. It asks questions such as “why do you line up your cars and blocks?” “why do you spin?” “Why do you flap your hands in front of your face?” “why do you have meltdowns?”. Its an amazing book and it really opened my eyes. If you know someone who is autistic I highly recommend this book. I’ve read a couple of books on autism but this one really gave me a better understanding of things. Its coming from the perspective of the person with autism. Naoki captured things so clearly, and with such feeling. It breaks the stigma surrounding autism, that autistic people dont have feelings, dont express themselves like “normal” people, when really inside they are just like the rest of us. If you work with autistic people or you know someone who has autism, I recommend you read this book. You wont be disappointed. If like me you just have an interest in disability because you are disabled yourself or because you just like reading memoirs then this book is for you also.