i’m deliberating as to whether i’ll send eileen an email or not. i want to. i am really missing her today. it would be so easy to just write a quick note just to say hi and i miss you and i need you. then there is the part of me that is saying i can do this. i can get through this without contact. this too shall pass. those are eileens words, that is her mantra. this too shall pass. yes i miss her but that is ok. i can miss her and need her but not contact her. little insiders want to text her and tell her about their christmas presents and the movies they watched. i have said no that they cant do that. they’ve cried and called me mean and said how unfair i am being. but for right now we are not going to write any email or send any texts. we are just going to try to muddle through this time. we will be seeing dr barry on wednesday morning. that is enough. we are capable of getting through this. we are strong. we are strong and capable and we will not fall apart or crumble because of our attachment issues and our feelings.