#A to Z challenge: d = Darks

darks are insiders that are against being helpful to us. They are not co-operative. They like to do things that may be harmful, or hurt outsiders with their words or actions. a lot of this is due to the severe trauma they’ve been through. the darks, are holders of much pain, they’ve usually experienced severe trauma and have taken a lot of pain that other insiders couldn’t handle. It usually takes them a long time to trust people. In our system, Liz, Wendy, Willow, Cora, are all darks. They have slowly over time grown to trust Eileen our therapist. Liz also talks with dr. Barry. I am grateful to the darks for helping us when there was no alternative option. Now I want to try to help them find a better way of coping with their pain.

#A to Z challenge, A = Alters

So the theme I am going to write about for the A to Z challenge is dissociative identity disorder or did, I am diagnosed with this condition.


When you have did also known as dissociative identity disorder, you will have alters.  Alters or insiders are the parts of you that split from you when you were little.

Sometimes they are called parts.  Some people have different names for alters, like head mates, insiders, parts, etc.

The thing to realise is alters or parts are individuals, they have their own set of feelings, likes and dislikes, emotions etc.  They are parts of the host, but they are also individuals in their own right.