Art exhibition

Yesterday I went to an art exhibition. It was an awesome experience.

This was an exhibition for the blind. You could touch some pieces there. That part was so amazing.

I went with my supervisor from the partnership, my supervisor from friendly call. She had offered to take myself and my friend norma to see the exhibition. So nice of her to do that for us.

I love art. I love that I could touch some stuff in the exhibition.

I wish I could have taken photos but that wasnt permitted.

I’m glad I got to go though. To often artists think of art as things you can see, and their art is representative of that.

This was new to me and very very wonderful. Its wonderful that there were tactile parts of it.

We sat in the gallerys restaurant afterwords and had coffee. It was such a beautiful atmosphere in the gallery. So peaceful and serene.

I’m happy that I got to experience the exhibition. Very very delighted.
carol anne