Tale weaver #281

This week Michael brings to our attention a concept/notion that is all around us and to which we respond in our own individual way.

What does the term artwork mean to you?

Some dabble in it, some make a living from it, some have created a unique form of it.

We visit art galleries and make our own minds up as to the worth of any given artwork.


To me, art is expressing yourself. Any form of crafting is expressing yourself in my opinion. Whether its painting or drawing, knitting, crochet, soap making, card making, jewelery making, whatever craft you do, I will enjoy it. I especially love tactile crafts, due to my blindness. So, soaps, cards, lotions, jewelery, knitted or crocheted items. I know a lot of people enjoy drawing and painting, but this doesnt hold my attention or interest as much, unless someone can describe the drawings or paintings to me! I also love clay and I do enjoy making things with it whenI am able to. I dont do a lot of art at home, although I do have supplies here to make cards, and to knit if I want to. My knitting though is only for fun. I cant really make a lot of stuff.

I dont visit art galleries much. I actually cant really remember a time when I did that.


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