The art workshop was a bust

so the art workshop i went to was kind of a bust. i was not really able to participate. probably because the guy giving the workshop did not know i’d be coming, he did not know i was blind. he had chosen an activity that involved drawing each others faces. he did allow me to work with clay. but i kinda felt left out because the rest of the group were working on portraits and they printed their images at the end of the workshop. he kept apologising to me about the fact that i was unable to take part. so at least there was that. i did find out some good information about the centre, though. i asked a lot of questions. i was the only one asking questions. we were only there for an hour, and i couldnt stay for coffee afterwords because I was running to my volunteer position. still though I am glad I went. I still think it was worth going. At least now I know about the centre and I know about the courses they offer.