I feel euphoric this morning! I woke up feeling absolutely fantastic! I am on such a high! I am not sure why I feel this way but man is it a good feeling!

I’m not up to much this morning. I am just going to relax and catch up on blog reading. My mom is very kindly going to go to the bank, to pick up bank statements for me, as if I had to go in and pick them up it would be difficult, so she said she’d oblige me and do it for me, thanks mom!

Did I mention how much I love my mom?

Have art therapy this afternoon, cant wait! Looking forward to it immensely!

I had leftover chicken fajitas for breakfast! I know, not very conventional breakfast food, but oh boy are they good. And I am addicted to them!

Well have a fabulous thursday guys!

Starting art therapy tomorrow

so tomorrow afternoon i will be starting art therapy. i’ll be working with a student art therapist. she works at the basement club, which is the mental health place I go to where my mentor is and where I have gone in the past. I will be working with her for 3 months. I am excited to start art therapy. I think I’ll enjoy it. I did it for a few weeks last year and when I was doing it I really liked it. I’m looking forward to seeing how creative I can be, and what I can create and what we can process through creativity. I will keep everyone posted as to how it goes, and who know, I may even post pics of my creative endeavours. Watch this space!

The iminent therapy break

well, we have a two week therapy break, eileen goes on holiday at the end of this week. for two weeks. so we dont see her again until the 29th. we’re finding it tough if I am honest. Breaks are always tough for all of us. We’re very attached to eileen, and being separated from her for any length of time is hard on us. During our session on Monday she helped the kids to make a calendar so that they can count down the days until she returns. they loved doing that. they think she’s so cool because she has all these cool stickers, glitter pens, and stuff. they kept saying to her that we should do more art. she agreed we should. i think she was just as excited as they were. taylor and lexi had a lot of fun helping to stick on the butterflies and flowers onto the calendar. most of our session was taken up with making that and just general chit chat, light chat with a little about feelings and stuff thrown in for good measure. taylor told her she had felt sad over the weekend, and eileen told her to think of what she’d say, eileen would say, when she feels sad. so then they got on to talking about the types of things that she thinks eileen would tell her. it was so sweet. the break will be ok, i keep telling myself that. i keep trying to reassure myself that we’ll manage it, its only two weeks, after all. we can do it. we can cope. in no time at all we’ll see her again. i’m sure there will be some rough days, but eileen told us to try to make as many plans ahead of time as possible. so we’re tryihg to do that. and she told me to ask dr. barry if she could see me next week, while she’s away. normally I see dr. barry every two weeks. but eileen asked me to ask her if there is a chance she can let me come in next week as well as the following week just as a one off. I’m sure she’ll agree to this. She knows how much we depend on herself and on eileen. When either of them is away, the other one usually falls in and gives us more support. So I am pretty sure she’ll ok that. I got some recordings of Eileen talking, and I also have some soothing sounds of the sea she sent us, and some guided imagery exercises that she made for us too. So thats all good. I’m sure it will all be ok, we’ll hope so anyway. Therapy breaks do suck though. Eileen did tell us she’s going to spain on her holidays, she knows we like to know where she’s at. We told her we’d google the area, to find out some info about it, she was fine with that, she even told us what airport she is flying into. So its good I am glad we have that info. Makes her seem less far away from us.


A new experience. I started art therapy

so well yesterday i started art therapy. i already shared my piece on here. we have a masters art therapy student on placement at the basement club. im not sure how long she’s going to be with us for. but well she is building up her experience with clients. and she’s doing one to ones. for free. i had never tried art therapy before. so when she offered I jumped at the chance to try it out. I thought why not? I might actually like it. And I do like being creative. And I like expressing myself through different mediums. So I gave it a go. And I was pleasantly surprised! I loved it! I created a piece that represented a storm. It represented my stormy emotions. I felt very stormy when I arrived at the basement club, as I had had an argument with my dad before leaving the house. So the piece represented that. I was pleased with how it turned out. My therapists name is Emily. She said she would organise to get some other materials to use next week. For collaging. Today I used paper and paints. Different colored paper. And acrilic paints. It was neat! I can honestly say I had fun! And I am really glad I did this! I was thinking at first that maybe this would not be for me. Because when I asked her what materials she had for doing the art she said colored pencils, paints, etc. And then I automatically thought she’d want me to draw. And well, being blind thats a no go. But we talked about it and she said since I dont have my sight that we can do other things. And i can create in other ways. Any ideas any of you can give me for art approaches or methods or things i can do will be great! I’m all ears! Or if anyone is an artist or an art therapist and has worked with art in the past let me know what kinds of things you did! Or again if your a therapist and you’ve worked with disabled people let me know! Anyway I am happy with my efforts! I am glad I did it I challenged myself and it worked out and I am happy about it!


The art workshop was a bust

so the art workshop i went to was kind of a bust. i was not really able to participate. probably because the guy giving the workshop did not know i’d be coming, he did not know i was blind. he had chosen an activity that involved drawing each others faces. he did allow me to work with clay. but i kinda felt left out because the rest of the group were working on portraits and they printed their images at the end of the workshop. he kept apologising to me about the fact that i was unable to take part. so at least there was that. i did find out some good information about the centre, though. i asked a lot of questions. i was the only one asking questions. we were only there for an hour, and i couldnt stay for coffee afterwords because I was running to my volunteer position. still though I am glad I went. I still think it was worth going. At least now I know about the centre and I know about the courses they offer.

Busy day ahead tomorrow

so i know i said i was going to bed early. as if that would ever happen lol. i started reading my book the new cathy glass book i’m almost finished it now. i started reading it 2 hours ago and i cant stop. i have a little bit left to go. its an amazing read. i highly recommend her if you have never read any of her books before. they are all very intense reads but she writes so well and tells the foster kids stories so eloquently. anyway tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be one hell of a long day. i should have kristen in the morning but she’s gone to budapest to get her teeth sorted. i dont have any cover. long story but basically they thought i was in respite this week because i was supposed to be but now the respite isnt happening until the 25th. i’m going to an art workshop with some of the members and staff of the basement club in the morning for a couple hours. it should be fun. normally i’d be volunteering but because i wanted to go to the art workshop i got the morning off of admin duties. i’m not sure how much i’ll be able to participate in the workshop, whether it will just be drawing and nothing else or whether they’ll let us sample more of the crafts they do in the arts centre. either way i want to see the centre as its near where i live and i hear its an awesome place. they run a lot of courses in different types of art so it may be something i am interested in in the future. the courses they run are certified too which is great. in the afternoon tomorrow i will be going to my volunteer job at cork city partnership. i never went last tuesday because of the filming of the documentary at the basement club. i’m looking forward to going tomorrow. as i’m still fairly new i dont know what they’ll have me doing. then tomorrow evening i have to go to an information night to do witht he substance use and misuse in youth and community work course i applied to. thats on from 7 PM until 8 PM. one of the members of the basement club is also going and she said she’d meet me there before we go in. that will be good as i’m unfamiliar with the building and dont know which room we’ll be going to. the information night will be interesting i’m sure. once i have that part of the application process completed there will be just my interview next week. so yep busy times ahead. it will be close to 8:30 when i get home tomorrow night. i’m sure i’ll be exhausted. i barely have time to eat inbetween appointments. i’ll be going to my mom and dads after volunteering tomorrow afternoon to grab a quick meal before heading to the college. i like being busy though. i like it when i have things to do it keeps me distracted and keeps my mind occupied.
carol anne

busy morning but i’m just so sleepy

i never did get any sleep last night. it seems to be either all or nothing with me. i slept all day sunday, so now when it came to bedtime last night i couldnt sleep. typical. so i just stayed awake and was listening to the radio and reading and watching tv and being online. i’m very tired now. i’ll have to drink plenty of coffee to keep myself awake. i’ve a lot to do today. right now i’m at the basement club doing my 2 hours of volunteering. i just started. we had catch up and i had a coffee with some of the other members before i started my shift. kristen came this morning. she ran to the store for me and got me lunch meat and milk and then she came back and cleaned my house. i didnt have time to go grocery shopping, that will have to wait until thursday. i just found out from one of the staff here that next tuesday we are going on an outing to a local arts centre to do a workshop. its a workshop about art, a kind of taster of the courses this arts centre offers. it should be interesting. i said i’d go just to see what they are all about. that is happening next tuesday morning. i’m yawning so much right now, dont know how i’ll manage to keep myself awake. more coffee? probably lol.