Quiet day ahead

I have a quiet day ahead!

I am thrilled! Nothing to do but just stay home. Enjoy the peace.

I love days like this. I can just relax, and breathe.

I rescheduled my apt to see my resource worker for the blind. We rescheduled it for next week.

Today is going to be my rest day as tomorrow I am super busy again.

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2 appointments

I have two apts this morning. I am seeing my OT Mark, and I am also seeing Dr. barry.
It will be a busy morning. I have a half hour between the two apts.
Im not sure what I am going to do today with mark. I’ve forgotten what we said we were going to do during this apt.
After I am done with these apts I need to go home and I will have to jump in the shower since I didnt have time to jump in it this morning.
My mom is coming over in the afternoon. And then I will have slimming world tonight.
So a busy day ahead for me!

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There’s a storm!

There is a bad storm going on here. Lots of wind and rain. Its extremely windy outside. I had to put nitro outside in it, he didn’t like that at all.

I do have to go out in it this morning as I have to go see my OT and I also have to see dr. barry. I don’t like that I have to go out in it but I’ll do it because well these appointments are important.

I couldn’t really sleep last night, the wind was howling and keeping me up. So I am very tired this morning.

I booked my taxi for 8 AM. I have 50 minutes to go before it comes.

2 appointments this morning

this morning I will see my OT Mark. Its an early apt. I will have to leave at 7:45 to get there for 8:10.
We me and Mark are going to work on defining my goals for the next few months. Well this mornings apt is just a starting point, losely defining my goals.
After seeing Mark I will be seeing dr. barry. I hope I dont have to wait for too long, I’ll finish up with Mark around 9 and dr. barry is usually in by 9:30.
I wonder if she’ll add any more of my meds back this week? I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about, we ususally do.

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busy busy wednesday

yeah so, halloween is over. thank fucking god. i ended up taking some haldol and i actually managed a few hours of sleep which is good all things considered. i’ll take a couple hours, even if it was broken sleep. i eventually got up at 7 because nitro was whining to go out. i have a busy wednesday ahead. i was meant to see mark this morning but i canceled yesterday, because i have to wait for the postman to bring a cheque to me. my apt with mark was at 8\:15. he didnt mind that i canceled, he said he’d phone me this morning to catch up. i hope the postman comes early, because my apt with dr. barry is at 10, and i want to get there on time. after i see dr barry i have to pick my mom up and then we have to go to the credit union and then on to the vets to buy dog food. i’m completely out of dog food now. after we get the dog food mom is coming to my house for a couple of hours. she’s taking me this afternoon to get my flu shot. i’ll have lunch before going, this is my second attempt to try and get my flu shot. the first one was canceled due to storm ophelia. the nurse at my gp’s will give me the shot. i just hope i dont have weird side effects from it. so by the time all that is done its going to be close to 5 PM. i am making sure i have had plenty of coffee this morning to get me through today lol. because, caffeine is my friend!

2 appointments

this morning i have two appointments. first i see my OT mark. at 8:30. we had to have an early apt because the psych doctor who uses the room we’re using will be needing the room at 9 AM. Mark and I are going to have a catch up. We havent met in a couple of months, but we’ve spoken on the phone a lot. We need to see what we’re going to work on now. He had been helping me with the work stuff but now that I’m not continuing with trying to get a part time job, we need to see where we are going to go from here.

After my apt with mark I will see dr. barry. She is back from her holidays, yay. We are so excited to see her. We have a lot to discuss with her. Especially around her break and our feelings around that. We also have a st. Patricks day card to give to her. The kids are looking forward to giving that to her.

Its going to be a busy morning.

A busy week ahead

this weeks gonna be crazy busy.
tomorrow i’m interviewing all day. from 9:30 until 6 PM.
Tuesday my pa comes in the morning from 9 until 11, then I go to the basement club for the rest of the day until about 4, and then my home help comes to help me cook dinner. Also my phn public health nurse is calling to look at my abscesses and dress the area where they are.
Wednesday I see dr. barry in the morning. After that mom and my sister will be coming over to my house, and will stay for a couple hours, helping me clean and cook.
Thursday my pa kristen comes in the morning from 9 until 1. While she is there I need to go to my nutritionist, I also need to clean my house, after she leaves at 1 I go to the basement club to do my volunteering, then get home around 4 and my home help will come help me cook dinner.
Friday I go to the basement club for the whole day, I am volunteering in the morning and then in the afternoon I am going to the music therapy group.So yeah one crazy week ahead of me this week.