Who’d have thought!

I’ve been trying for the last 20 minutes to get a taxi to take me to the doctors in the morning, I tried 3 different taxi firms, everyone was either fully booked up or they were going to be on school runs in the morning. Eventually I got one company to take me which I am glad about, because I was thinking I might have to walk there, and its a half hours walk to get there! Now my next worry will be will the crowd I got be on time, my appointment is at 9 AM on the dot, and I have only a short span of time to be seen and get out the door as I have to make a 9:30 Appointment at the beauty salon for my waxing and nails.
Heres hoping they’ll get to me on time and we’ll make both apts! I am kinda nervous in case we wont!
I guess we shall see what happens!