Checking in with my CPN and other things

I had a phone consult with my CPN Sarah this afternoon. We hadn’t spoken since before Christmas and it was nice to catch up with her. We talked about how Christmas went, about mom’s health, about my meds, sleep and some other stuff. I told her about the reaction I’d had to the zopiclone recently. She said she’d make a note of it on my file, so that Dr. Barry will see it tomorrow when she comes into work. Sarah asked me what I wanted to do about our appointments going forward. I said I’d be ok with bi-weekly phone appointments, so one week I’ll see Dr. Barry, and then on the alternative one I’ll have a phone check in with Sarah. This is going to work well I think. It will mean I am supported and if there are any issues I can get them sorted ASAP. I’m feeling very held right now, Sarah is a great community psych nurse. She’s very knowledgeable and very supportive. I like her, and we get along really great. She asked if I’d gotten my Trevicta shot, and I told her I got it last week, so all is good with that. She had no diary with her, so she said she’d text me tomorrow to schedule our next check in. Speaking of tomorrow, I’m supposed to see Dr. Barry, my psychiatrist, but the roads are supposed to be very icy in the morning, as temps are going down to minus 4 C overnight. So I don’t think I’ll go, I think I’ll reschedule. I don’t fancy getting into a taxi and driving on icy roads, I don’t feel safe doing that. I know Dr. Barry will understand. I rarely miss appointments, or reschedule them. I’ll get another appointment for two weeks’ time, and all will be good. I can manage until then, because I have Sarah’s support, and Eileen’s too. Oh and Sarah told me that the social worker on Dr. Barry’s team is currently looking into trying to get me some more PA hours. She’s in the process of writing letters to my coordinator, and whom ever else she needs to write to, so we’ll see what happens. Now that mom can’t do as much for me as she used to do, I need the extra help, so, if I can get it, I’ll take it.