getting used to the I phone

I’ve had a time of it trying to get used to the I Phone 10.
I had trouble setting it up. In the end my sis had to set up the phone for me. I was able to turn the speech on but I couldnt get past the language part of the set up process.
Then I had awful trouble getting used to the phone having no home button. You have to swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards, to get to the home screen. I had trouble with that, so I went in and in the voice over commands I was able to change the gesture used to get to the home screen. Thank god as now I can use it and am able to do it much quicker.
Other than that though I love the new phone. I wasnt able to get back into my phones backup that I made on itunes, but luckily all of my info was on the cloud, so I didnt lose any of it.
Its been a trying afternoon but I am glad I have the phone set up now.
I reset my old phone back to factory settings and gave it to my niece.
She is thrilled!

My new Iphone is here!

It arrived at mom and dads house a few minutes ago. Mom is bringing it over when she comes over later. then I’ll have to set it up. I’m hoping I can do that quickly. I am excited to get the new phone. I love getting mail.
I cant wait to start playing with it.
Love tech and new tech toys!

My I phone x

I should be getting my new phone this week. It is currently in transit. I am so looking forward to getting it. I will have to set it up. Hoping that part is easy. I’ve already backed up my phone. I am giving the Iphone 8 plus that I now have to my 12 year old niece. She was thrilled when I told her she could have it. She was going to buy a new phone with her confirmation money, but then, her confirmation was canceled, so now, she doesnt have to as my phone is in great condition. Plus, its unlocked, meaning it can be used on any network, and it is the 256 gig model. So she’ll have lots of space for her tick tock videos.
The phone is being delivered to my parents house. So if it doesnt come by tomorrow, when my mom is coming over, then I will have to wait until the weekend to get it.
Exciting times!
I love technology!
Well, I love it when it works! Lol.

Getting a new Iphone

A friend of mine is selling his Iphone 10, so I thought I’d upgrade my phone and buy it from him.
Its the 256 gig modle. So I will have plenty of space to store photos, videos apps and audiobooks.
I am going to sell my phone to my friend. I currently have the Iphone 8 plus. The new phone is unlocked also, so I can put any sim card into it.
My Iphone 8 is also unlocked to all networks and its also a 256 gig modle.
I am excited to get the Iphone 10. I’m also getting a juice pack for it as that is included in the price.
Cant wait until it comes in the mail. I backed up everything on my current phone this morning, so I am all ready and all I have to do when I get the new phone is transfer it over.

Loving my new apple tv!

I love my new apple tv! I am totally hooked! I’ve been having so much fun with it. Since it arrived yesterday I’ve been busy playing around with it. Its the fourth gen apple tv. Its the one where you can download apps onto it. So I’ve got plenty of things to watch now. I subscribe to amazon prime, net flicks, there is youtube, apple music, then my own tv provider Eir has also started broadcasting its service on apple tv, so all of the channels I get from them are available. I also have the RTE player, RTE is our local broadcaster, I also have the BBC I player which broadcasts the UK TV channels. My smart tv is in my spare bedroom, and my apple tv is connected up in there. I have a bed in there so I can sleep in there if I am watching the TV. Oh I can also read my audio books, on my apple tv. Its fantastic. I found this new service too called Ibox which streams tv channels to people in ireland for 10 euro a month, for that you can stream, record, and rewatch the last 7 days worth of programmes that have been broadcast. I’m so happy I decided to go for the upgrade. The whole thing is also accessible to me with voice over. My sister just had to activate the voice over on the tv for me. I was so thankful to my sis for setting up the tv yesterday. It only took about 30 minutes in total. I definitely recommend it to anyone whose thinking about it. Its well worth the money. Both net flicks and prime are only 7.99 a month each. And most things are on them, between the two platforms you can get most things, along with the other services which are free, it makes for a great viewing experience.


Well damn I’ve done it now

In my stupidity while playing on my mac, I muted the voice. And I dont know how to turn it back on again.

I’ll have to go in to the apple store with my mac now. See if they can fix it. And while I am in there I’ll have them set up my email address as well.

I tried and tried to do it but couldnt. I couldnt authorise my google account.

But now, my main problem is that I have no speech on my mac, its muted, so the mac is literally useless to me. I tried googling the command to unmute the voice, if anyone knows what it is you might let me know. It will be the command to unmute voice over on the mac.

If anyone can find that, I’d appreciate it.