Loving my new apple tv!

I love my new apple tv! I am totally hooked! I’ve been having so much fun with it. Since it arrived yesterday I’ve been busy playing around with it. Its the fourth gen apple tv. Its the one where you can download apps onto it. So I’ve got plenty of things to watch now. I subscribe to amazon prime, net flicks, there is youtube, apple music, then my own tv provider Eir has also started broadcasting its service on apple tv, so all of the channels I get from them are available. I also have the RTE player, RTE is our local broadcaster, I also have the BBC I player which broadcasts the UK TV channels. My smart tv is in my spare bedroom, and my apple tv is connected up in there. I have a bed in there so I can sleep in there if I am watching the TV. Oh I can also read my audio books, on my apple tv. Its fantastic. I found this new service too called Ibox which streams tv channels to people in ireland for 10 euro a month, for that you can stream, record, and rewatch the last 7 days worth of programmes that have been broadcast. I’m so happy I decided to go for the upgrade. The whole thing is also accessible to me with voice over. My sister just had to activate the voice over on the tv for me. I was so thankful to my sis for setting up the tv yesterday. It only took about 30 minutes in total. I definitely recommend it to anyone whose thinking about it. Its well worth the money. Both net flicks and prime are only 7.99 a month each. And most things are on them, between the two platforms you can get most things, along with the other services which are free, it makes for a great viewing experience.

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Well damn I’ve done it now

In my stupidity while playing on my mac, I muted the voice. And I dont know how to turn it back on again.

I’ll have to go in to the apple store with my mac now. See if they can fix it. And while I am in there I’ll have them set up my email address as well.

I tried and tried to do it but couldnt. I couldnt authorise my google account.

But now, my main problem is that I have no speech on my mac, its muted, so the mac is literally useless to me. I tried googling the command to unmute the voice, if anyone knows what it is you might let me know. It will be the command to unmute voice over on the mac.

If anyone can find that, I’d appreciate it.

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went In to town

I thought mom was coming over today. Then this morning out of the blue she rang me and asked me if I wanted to go into town to get my screen protector. I jumped at the chance, as I dont normally go in, and I didnt know when I’d be able to actually go in to the apple store to get it so the fact she offered was really nice.
I went to the apple store, and talked to a very nice guy in there and he sold me a screen protector for 30 euro! It was well worth that much, and he put it on the phone using a machine, and I have a 2 year warrantee with it.
The guy was so techy. He knew so much about apple products, I guess he has to, its his job after all. But he took a real interest in chatting to me about apps and stuff for the blind, and about how I use my I phone as a blind person.
After going to the apple store, we had a coffee, and I bought mom a doughnut. She picked a lemon one, but then she didnt like the filling in it.
After all that, we decided to go look around some clothes shops. That was nice, but I couldnt find anything that fit me so I didnt buy anything. I tried on lots of things, but nothing was fitting me how I wanted it to, and I wasnt going to buy something just for the sake of it.
Before we went home I had my lunch. I went a little off
plan, having a turkey and stuffing sandwich on a white bread roll. It was nice. Then we got a taxi home, mom dropped me off and then carried on home.
I am so glad we got to do this. I’m most thrilled that I now have a screen protector on my phone.

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#Writing prompt 27

The highest price I’ve ever payed for something is…


I am going to talk about buying my MacBook. I didn’t actually pay for it, because I got funding, but I had to go in and get a quotation, before the funding came through, to find out how much it would cost.
It was 1300 euro. Its a MacBook pro!
Now that I have it, I need to start doing more with it than I’ve actually done. I need to try to learn how to actually use it and use it well. That has been a challenge for me. I am trying to slowly learn about it, but its slow going.
I am so used to my windows pc, and I sometimes don’t want to take out the MacBook, to use it.
I remember when I got my first I phone, I was also slow to learn it, but now, I wouldn’t use anything else. I’m hoping in time I will feel the same way about my MacBook pro.
Being blind, having a MacBook is awesome. Apple has built accessibility into all of their products, so right out of the box, its useable.
That’s something I love about apple products. And you can do so much with them too.

Writing Prompt #27

A new toy

So I am getting a new toy. What is it? A phone. A new I phone. I am getting the I phone 8 plus. I cant wait! I am paying a lot for it, only because its the 256 gig model. I am delighted that I will be getting the 256 gig phone. I wanted a phone with tons of space, as I have a lot of photos and apps on my phone. The phone I have now is the I phone 7, with 32 gigs of space on it. So a far cry from 256 gigs. So it will be awesome and so amazing to have a phone with so much space on it. A friend told me the 8 plus has a camera with dual lense, that will also be awesome. Now my next thing is to learn to take my own photos. I hope I can learn how to do that. I really want to try to get some good pictures. The phone cost me 600 pounds stirling, I am buying it from a person in the UK, its a direct purchase from the apple store, but he’s selling it as he no longer wants it, its also unlocked to all networks, since all phones bought from an apple store come like this. He’s also selling me a bluetooth speaker and a wireless charger, you can charge the 8 plus wirelessly without even having to plug it in. That part will also be really cool. I am not going to have the phone for another week though. I will pay for it tomorrow and then by the time he ships it to me it will be another week…thats ok though as my sister is on holidays now for two weeks. I need her to help me since when I get the phone I need to put the sim card from my old phone into it, and I dont know how to do that without some help. In the meantime I am going to unlock my old phone, and reset it to factory settings, and then I will trade it in once I recieve the new phone, I am hoping I will get about 250 euro for my old phone. From what everyone on facebook told me it seems I made a great choice when I decided to upgrade to an I phone 8 plus. I just cant wait to get it now!

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Training on my mac and work stuff

so this morning i went to NCBI national council for the blind here near where I live. I went to do some training in how to use my macbook. It was good…the session was useful. I learned some new stuff about the mac that I didnt already know.
I am going to do some one to one work with the head tech guy there, he said he’d call to my home and we can do some work together on how to use my mac.
That will be good, as its good to know how to use it, and I do want to get more familiar with it.
I also spoke to my resource worker again. She told me that the NCBI are organising a seminar in september, a technology and learning seminar, which I was interested in attending, so she said she’d send me out some info when they have a date confirmed and a venue for it and stuff.
I told her I was interested in gaining payed employment on a part time basis, and she was very encouraging, and said she would help me to try to gain employment. So I am meeting her this coming friday, to do a skills audit, to see where exactly my skills lie, and which areas I should most focus on when looking for work.
Then I will sign up for some job websites, and go from there. I wanted to get a job coach, but the place I looked at has a 4 month waiting list to get in with someone.
So we shall see what happens, I dont see why I cant get work, there are jobs out there, and I should be able to get one.

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Slowly getting used to the mac!

I’m sloooowly getting used to the mac! I’m still learning, but I’m slowly making progress. I love the speed, it is lightning fast. I love that I can do things quickly on it. But it is pretty hard to get to grips with. I use voice over on it. The commands for that there are a ton of them so a lot to learn. I dont use a mouse at all, its all keybord commands. Some commands are 3 or four keystrokes. So a lot to take in and a lot to learn. I got my wifi on my phone to work, so thats good. I also set up my email on it. I also set up dictation with seari. So slowly am getting used to it now.
Spending a little time with it each day. I should be able to do more on it soon.

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