Shorter dr. barry apt this week

so we saw dr barry yesterday. of course the first thing we asked her as she brought us down the hallways and in to her office was, did you survive the storm? then we had a long conversation about storm ophelia and she told me she lost power and was still without it and her kids were driving her crazy because they were bored, used to their techy gadgets and she said it was impossible to keep them amused. i asked her if she was working on the day of the storm, i was genuinely worried avbout her having to drive in it. but luckily she’d been off Monday and tuesday. it felt so nice to hear her talk about her life outside of work, her kids, etc. i love it when she gives us glimpses into her life, which she does often. we got on then to talking about us starting the ILS course on monday. she was saying how it was good it hadnt started last monday the day of the storm, otherwise it wouldnt have happened. she asked me if i was still anxious about starting. i said yes i am but i’m also excited. i’m trying to be positive. mom and dad gave me some advice, mostly they told me to think of this as a new chapter in my life and to try to think positively so that is what I am doing. i told her about getting a new pa. she was excited for me. we talked for a while about how change is so hard for us and how there are so many changes right now happening in our life. then she told me she hadnt yet managed to talk to the funders about our upcoming did assessment. she said last week just ran away from her, she’d been on call at the weekend, and so she hadnt had a chance to call her but that she would try her best to do it this week. and that was pretty much the gist of our session. it was a shorter one than usual because I had to rush off to get to the conference for noon. we made another apt for next week, i’ll be seeing her a little later next week because the transportation service at the ILS course will be taking me to my apt.