I feel symptomatic

So much for my chill day!
I’m very symptomatic!
I have so much anxiety this afternoon. And my mood is not good. I feel very down all of a sudden. I am unsure what is going on!
I mean I felt fine earlier. The only thing is I couldnt really wake up properly. I kept dozing off. I would be up for a little while, then all of a sudden I’d get tired again and doze off again.
I’m finally up now for good!
Mental illness is so hard to live with. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
I feel like today has been one huge struggle to accomplish anything.
Its raining really hard now too. That isnt helping. I hate it when the weathers bad.
I hope the anxiety won’t be there for the whole night. I don’t even have something I can take for it. I will just have to wait it out and tonight when I take my night meds there is something in them that is meant to help with it.
Ok, going to go read.

written for the word of the day which is symptomatic.
SYMPTOMATIC Word of the Day Challenge (wordpress.com)