Fear, anger and anxiety in my life

How have fear, anxiety and anger played a role in your life and how have you managed those responses?


Well, as a young child, I was badly abused. I was abused physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually by the carers who were supposed to protect and care for me, not my family, but the staff at a boarding school for the blind, which I attended from the age of 5. I left when I was 16.

This created immense fear in me, I became afraid of things like night time, the dark, raised voices, I feared people, and speaking out.


As a child I became very anxious. And this carried over into my teen years and on into adulthood. I developed an eating disorder as a teen, because food gave me anxiety. I also developed anxiety around being home alone, going out on my own etc.


It is only now through hard work in therapy that I am able to express anger. I learned it is ok to get angry. It is ok to be angry for what I went through. My therapist encourages me to express my anger at my abusers, so I’ve been trying slowly to do that.

It isn’t easy but it is helpful. It is helping me to heal.

Fear Vs. Anger – Tranquil Thursday #13 (wordpress.com)