Last night kinda sucked

i had a pretty hard night. i went to bed around 10, and watched some tv on my phone. i was feeling anxious and hadnt yet collected my lyrica so havent yet started it. mom is going to pick it up today for me. i also need to get my injection, and i owe the pharmacy an injection for last month too. anyway. my tv provider has an ap now and i can watch tv on the go. i like that you can do that. most of the channels are available on the ap. last night in bed i watched monsters inside of me. has anyone ever seen that show? it was good but kinda freaked me out. there were two stories on there one about a man who contracted west nile virus, and the other about a man who had some sorta parasite inside of him eating away at his liver and intestines. when i got done watching that i decided to watch law and order svu. i wanted to watch a crime show called britains darkest taboos but that channel wouldnt load for me. eventually i went to sleep, of course i let nitro climb on the bed and snuggle with me. he loves being able to come on the bed and he curls up and crashes. it ended up that i woke at 2 AM and couldnt go back to sleep. i’m not sure what woke me, possibly a dream of some sort but i dont really remember. i ended up playing games on my phone, I played dice world. i like that game because you can play six different games in the one game. my favourites are pig, farkle, and 3’s. after i finished playing i checked email for a while and then tried to fall back asleep. eventually i did but it was broken sleep. mom got up around 7 because today is her grocery shopping day. after she got up i decided to get up too because I was hungry. so i ate a bowl of frosties and drank some tea and just spent time with mom talking to her about last minute things I had to do for christmas. then i saw to nitro and fed him and let him out and now we’re back in my bedroom catching up on blogs and drinking more tea. i need to ring the doctors surgery soon and make sure the meds moms picking up are ready. i know the injections are ready but i’m not sure about the lyrica. i really hope its ready. dr. Barry faxed it down on Monday but yesterday when I rang the receptionist wasnt sure if the fax came in or not. they are kinda bad in the surgery. they dont seem to know what one another is doing from one minute to the next. 2 more sleeps till christmas and presents! Cant wait!