Loneliness, isolation
It feels so surreal
Each day my clients tell me
How they feel
Each day I listen
While on the phone
To their worries
And their fears
They tell me
It helps to talk
I am glad to be able to be there
To help them through
I feel lonely too
But I dont tell them that
I keep it hidden
Keep it to myself
Isolation is a horrible feeling
I dont tell them
That I too am vulnerable
I too have both a disability
And a mental illness
Just like many of my clients
I too have issues
But I have to keep them separate
So I can continue to work effectively
Hard as that is
Its necessary


Mid week check in?

Its Wednesday, time for a mid week check in!

How are you all doing? How are you holding up?

Are you getting through the lockdown? Are you going insane yet?
Do let me know how things are going for you!


So bored…

I was so bored this afternoon that I lay down, intending to read, but with Nitro by my side, snuggling up next to me, we fell into a deep sleep, and I slept for over 3 hours! Damn!

That’s the end of my sleep tonight! I don’t think I’m gonna sleep now at all tonight!

This self isolation is sucking big time!

Coronavirus, you are a bloody nightmare to be dealing with! I’m so over you so I hope you disappear soon but I know that’s wishful thinking! You aint going anywhere!

We’ve had another 14 deaths here in Ireland today, bring our death total to 85 now.

We have over 3400 cases of the virus here now too.

I try not to watch the news now more than I have to because it depresses me and makes me so scared, but I did watch it today.

Anyway I am rambling now. so sorry guys! You’ll have to put up with me lol!

I hope your all having a great day! Are you?
carol anne

Woke up in a bit of a func!

I am in a bit of a bla mood today! I woke at 6, made a cup of tea, decided to just lay in bed and put the radio on, it was way too early to get up!
I managed to fall back to sleep until about 8:30. Then I called my mom. Thats what I do every morning, it would feel so weird if I didnt talk to her first thing!
I decided then to stay in bed for a while longer, and now I am regretting it!
I feel so lethargic! I knew I should’ve just gotten up! I eventually did, at 10:30, made more tea, and now I’m just on the computer reading blogs.
I figure its going to be a very slow day!
I am waiting for my sister to come over! She’ll either be over in between jobs, or else she’ll come right after she gets done with work.
She’s gonna clean the dog poop in the yard, what a nice job, not! Lol!
I have to work, but I so dont want to!
I am just not feeling it today!
Ga I hate days like this!


One of eileens family members might have coronavirus

so we were meant to have therapy this morning, at 9:40, 20 minutes before we were due to start our session my phone rang. It was eileen. I was in the kitchen and my phone was in the bedroom, as soon as I heard her name spoken I ran to pick it up. She told me that she’d have to cancel our session. Someone in her family had to go get tested for coronavirus, it wasnt her, she didnt tell me who it was, but she said she had to take them. I dont know if it was her husband, her son, or who it was. She said we’d reschedule for this evening, and that she’d text me later on. I told her that that was fine, and not to worry about me, I am fine, and to go do what she needed to do. She thanked me and promised to get back to me later in the morning. And true to her word she did about 2 hours later she texted me and we rearranged for tonight, and I’ve just had my session I had it at 6:30 this evening. She said she didnt think her family member is going to test positive, but they’ve had some of the symptoms so it was best to get them tested just to be sure. But she told me not to worry that she thinks its all going to turn out ok. Of course I am still worrying. I dont want Eileen to get sick. I do hope that her family member doesnt have coronavirus. Please pray if you do pray. I am glad we still got to have a session. She told me that actually after canceling our session she got a text cancelling the test until 3 Pm today so she could have actually done our morning session. We laughed about it then saying after all that and she could have done it. I just hope everything will be ok. I’m praying hard. My anxietys up again but we worked on it in our session. It was good, and I do feel less anxious now. I feel solid, grounded, calmer. I am so glad I got to connect with eileen. She makes me feel amazing and she has such a calming presence. I am thankful for her every day.