OT apt didnt happen

so we were meant to see our OT mark today. However that never happened.

It was because of the stormy weather. Traffic was bad and mark lives outside the city. He got stuck in traffic and he was going to be 40 minutes late for our apt.

So we said we’d leave it for another time. Probably in two weeks when I next see dr. barry we’ll have an apt then. I am ok with leaving it until then. There was no emergency nothing I needed to see him urgently about.

I had texted him to say I’d be late, but then he rang me when he was going to be so late coming in. He was so apologetic, but what can you do? You cant predict the weather.

After we hung up from talking he texted me to thank me. Sweet of him I thought. He said not having an apt today really took the pressure off of him so thats good. I’m happy I could help.

We’ll eventually meet up, and until we do I know if I need anything I can email him or call or text him. Just knowing that is enough and I am happy I can do that.
carol anne