A dog tale!

dear sweet nitro
stubborn you are
sitting on the rug
refusing to go out for me
what will I do with you
But I do have to say
You are soo cute
The way you refuse to come when I call you
Its funny
The way you plant your bum on that rug
And sit there steadfast
Looking at me
with those big puppy dog eyes
As if to say
Dont put me out in the rain
I love my nice warm house to much to go out there in that cold!
Please, I just want to go to bed!
In your bed, mommy!
Oh how I love that dog!

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Staggy? Whose staggy?

An old prompt word but I had to share my laugh of the day! I love funny videos, this one is hilarious!
Its me and my partner Jess, at the airport, about to go to Disneyworld in florida! We were chattering and then we decided to play a game! Tune in to hear us giggle and hear our giggle of the day and the absolute fool I made of myself!